WebEDI Delivery Schedule Processing as a Managed Service

The SEEBURGER Customer Solution Professional for connecting non EDI-Enabled suppliers has been long available as an on-premise solution and is now available as a Managed Services solution. The Managed Service solution offers full functionality without the need for costly staff and technology for installation, operation and maintenance.

Delivery Schedule Processing as Cloud Solution

The SEEBURGER Managed Service solution connects customers and suppliers in a B2B marketplace community. The solution offers successful and effective supplier integration without expensive running costs.  It enables order management and data transfer with all affiliated customers. Printing functions as well as EDI handling of all documents, even ones with client-specific features, are also provided.

The solution is based on a modular concept and includes:

  • Order Management with delivery schedule, forecast, deadline monitoring, statistics and customers packing instructions
  • Dispatch handling and delivery notes, goods tag, bill of lading etc.
  • inventory management and container bookkeeping
  • Accounting (single and batched invoices, credit notes)

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