Accelerate Order-to-Cash

Speeding Revenue Recognition with Order Process Automation

Despite the efficiency of SAP Order-to-Cash (O2C) processing, many companies experience high costs, frequent errors, and delayed revenue, primarily because of the paperwork involved with collecting orders. Almost three-fourths of incoming orders are paper-based and require manual handling. A new approach, operating completely inside SAP, can accelerate order processing with almost no training and little involvement of IT.


  • In this webinar, learn how to get it right the first time:
  • Recognize revenue sooner with fewer error at less cost
  • Maximize the benefits of your sales admin team
  • Implement tools to handle more revenue without hiring more
  • Remove non value-add tasks from your sales people to get invoices out faster
  • Speed orders through the system that would otherwise get held up by people and effort.

  • Details

    • TopicAccelerate Order-to-Cash

    • EventLive Webcast

    • Date 06/12/12

    • Time 01:00 pm - 02:00 pm (EST)

    • Language English



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