SEEBURGER Solutions for Financial Services & Insurance companies

Improve customer service ● Shorten time-to-market ● Reduce operational risk ● Take out costs

The financial world is enormously complex, risky, and fast-moving. SEEBURGER can help you turn these challenges into business opportunities – and competitive advantage. If you use SAP Financials (ERP), SEEBURGER’s »Best Integration Practice« for processes and monitoring in SAP can further boost your SAP with full end-to-end visibility.

We offer a consolidated, secure communications suite for all data transmissions that lets you thrive in a multi-channel world.  Using our suite, you can quickly and cost-effectively connect with:

  • Any payment format (NACHA, SEPA and more)
  • Any exchange (payment, remittance, treasury management, electronic transmission and more)
  • Any transaction and message format  (structured, unstructured)
  • Any standard (EBICS, SWIFT and more)
  • Any communications protocol
  • Any business partner

All in a single platform

Our Business Integration Suite lets you connect and automate every kind of data transmission, all in a single platform:

B2BBusiness-to-BusinessTransactions between businesses and across supply chains
EAIEnterprise Application IntegrationApplication-to-application transmissions
BPMBusiness Process ManagementProcess-to-process transmissions
EDIElectronic Data InterchangeSystem-to-system transmissions
MFTManaged File TransferSystem-to-system, system-to-human, and human-to-human transmissions of files (unstructured data)


Banks, corporate finance departments, treasury management operations, insurance companies, and other financial businesses can:

  • Consolidate & modernizes communications infrastructures
     complete functionality coverage in a single solution and a common graphical user interface 
  • Improve customer service, shorten time-to-market, reduce operational risk, and cut maintenance costs while maintaining service levels
  • Accelerate and streamline strategic business initiatives 
     e-channel consolidation, payment system convergence, electronic payment processing, cash management improvement, mergers & acquisitions, regulatory compliance simplification 
  • Increase revenue
    by on-boarding customers and partners faster and deploying value-added services more rapidly 
  • Reduce risk
    by  governance of your secure data, transparency, policy-based management, strengthening data loss prevention,  and improving transmission and monitoring governance
  • Reduce effort
    by large industry-specific repository processes, mappings, communication parameters and by automated, pre-configured migration tool.

Tried and tested by financial businesses worldwide for your success! 

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