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The SEEBURGER Business Integration Suite for Financial Services

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Nordea Improves Cash Management with SEEBURGER

Innovating to put customers first – stronger integration resulted in bottom line savings and increased value for Nordea and its customers.

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Are you SEPA Ready? Get the tools you need to comply with ISO20022

Be ready for the universal financial industry message scheme

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Offer Customers More Services & Channels

Generate Loyalty and Revenue with Customer-side Services

Corporate customers assess new FSI service providers in ways that intersect with a provider’s IT capabilities – including perceived ease of access to services and information, and customer service consistency across channels and regions.

Add the expense of regulatory compliance, aging legacy infrastructure that impedes new customer onboarding and management, and suddenly the cost to serve is escalating. Becoming more efficient is critical if acceptable cost/income ratios are to be achieved.

Finally, what you really want is business process improvement that’s based on a solution that’s consistent, supremely resilient and utterly transparent. From your customers’ perspectives, their experience should be enabled, not encumbered by the technology that supports the services they buy from your institution.

Our single platform solution addresses these key elements that will enable you to provide high customer value.


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Are your hands tied by your technology? Fix existing issues and create value-added services to put customers first and reduce cost-to-serve
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Value-adding Services & Channels

We’ll help you identify and implement solutions to provide customers and staff the solutions needed for better customer service such as:

  • SWIFT, EBICS and SEPA Services

    Give your customers access to services to help them with their business transactions and increase retention rates for existing customers and have a tangible service to attract new customers.
  • Automated Onboarding

    Banks are under increasing pressure to speed up the onboarding process for business partners to allow them to access services and products in shorter timeframes. Customer self-service onboarding and automation of this process not only speeds up connections and drives business processes, but it improves customer experience and relationships.
  • Integration Capabilities for a Continuous User Experience

    Changing expectations of customers in relation to new channels, such as social media and mobile means changes in how systems, databases, applications, platforms, processes and people connect. To provide services, the valuable information already within banking systems needs to be made accessible in order to provide data.

    An integrated system alleviates IT from tasks which can be automated and enables staff to have all information on-hand, accessible in real-time, in one central place, providing more comprehensive information on which to base business decisions as well as provide seamless customer service. It also allows IT's focus to turn towards generating value-adding services for customers. 
  • Monitoring Delivers with Dynamic Analytical Dashboards

    Traditional Business Intelligence (BI) data extraction and processing methods can require days to recreate management reports if essential data is missing from an OLAP cube. SEEBURGER Business Integration Suite takes care of this time lag by reducing wait times to hours. But as data volume, variety and velocity grows, the value financial institutions are looking for comes down to transforming data into information within minutes.

    The difference is an economy of scale made possible by switching from transforming source data into structured data for analysis, to converting it to a pre-optimized non-relational database. Rather than populating static dashboards, this information can now be used to build dynamic analytical dashboards that result in more intelligent information management.

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