SEEBURGER Secure Link (SEE Link)

Data Protection to the Farthest Edges of Your Business

SEE Link is a lightweight, standalone endpoint client for managed file transfer (MFT). It extends managed file transfer capabilities to any operating system inside or outside a private network. SEE Link provides full end-to-end control over the transmission process and complete visibility, with full compliance, governance and security. It:

  • Integrates with the SEEBURGER Business Integration Server (BIS), the leading B2B integration platform, and with the SEE MFT server, a purpose-built server for managed file transfer that runs on BIS
  • Uses BIS as the platform for policy management and governance of file transfers
  • Connects the SEE MFT server with remote systems using secure communication protocols, for centralized and automated management of transfers using a hub-and-spoke model
  • Efficiently automates file transfers with any and all systems and trading partners — even those operating in locations with unstable network connections
  • Goes beyond simple file transfer to integrate with applications running at the endpoint, including the option to perform data transformations
  • Has the ability to integrate with other SEE Link ecosystems inter- or intra- network through peer-to-peer managed file transfer technology
  • SEE Link reduces the risks, delays, costs and uncertainty of file transfers with locations with unstable network connections, low network bandwidth, a lack of EDI expertise and/or no IT staff.

With SEE Link you can efficiently ensure that files are transferred securely with all your trading partners — even those with poor network connections. SEE Link is a lightweight, standalone MFT client that connects the SEEBURGER MFT server with your partners while using secure communications protocols.


SEE Link guarantees that data goes where it’s supposed to – even over unreliable connections. It goes beyond simple file transfer to integrate with your partners’ applications at the endpoint, even while performing data transfers.


With centralized monitoring capabilities, it’s simple to trace problems back to their source. You retain end-to-end control over the transmission process, and with complete visibility it’s easier than ever before to ensure compliance, governance and security. 


When problems occur, SEE Link reduces the cost and time it takes to resolve them. It strengthens your business by ensuring continuity between business partners. And best of all – your business partners do not need to have SEE MFT installed for it to work.

Customer Examples

  • A leading European food products manufacturer saved millions of Euros by using secure MFT to automate the ad hoc exchange of large media files with its advertising and marketing firms.
  • A computer manufacturer saved time and money by using MFT to automate the transfer of system images – which are very large and updated frequently – across a large B2B supply chain network.
  • A diversified global automotive supplier with locations in more than 25 countries on five continents, cut time, bandwidth costs and risks by replacing its FTP servers with secure MFT.

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