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SEE FX Mobile application: Main Screen
SEE FX Main Screen
SEE FX Mobile application: Create Permit
SEE FX Create Permit

Today, we instinctively use our smartphones or tablets to exchange files – any and all files. But how can you make sure that the right person gets the right file at the right time, every time – and prove it to yourself, your business partners, and the auditors?

The answer is SEEBURGER File Exchange (SEE FX) and the SEE FX Mobile app from SEEBURGER, the leading provider of business integration and managed file transfer solutions, all delivered from a single unified platform.

SEE FX is a secure enterprise Web portal that empowers business people to securely transmit large and sensitive files from anywhere. 

With SEE FX, business people can independently create, manage and track secure file transfers of any type and any size, both inside and outside the company firewall. Meanwhile, IT staff and email administrators have centralized control for compliance, audit, and security purposes.

The SEE FX Mobile app is an easy-to-use smartphone app for secure mobile file exchange via your SEE FX server.  It’s available as a free download from the Web that installs with a few clicks on your iPhone. 




SEE FX Mobile Advantages

  • Ensures end-to-end file transfer security among tablets and smartphones
  • Enables transfer of large files with no size limitation
  • Free downloadable app - no configuration changes, training, or change in work habits for mobile users
  • Comprehensive file tracking for compliance (SOX, GLBA, HIPAA and more)
  • Eliminates security and support problems for IT
  • Overcomes email attachment size limits
  • Reduces email storage requirements
  • Provides easy account management
  • Automates file lifecycle management

With SEE FX Mobile, you can

  • Share large files or folders with anyone, on an ad hoc basis (no IT involved)
  • Save files on your mobile device for offline use
  • Upload or download large files from your mobile device to the SEE FX server – so you can travel light and offload your mobile’s storage 
  • Edit files on your mobile device using system editors for real-time collaboration  
  • Have complete control over who downloads your files, including an audit trail
  • Grant permits to people to upload their large file(s) to the SEE FX server and download them
  • Subscribe to files to automatically receive the latest versions as soon as they are available
  • Manage your personal SEE FX server data

If your organization already offers the award-winning SEE FX service, you can be up and running instantly. Just contact your IT administrator to find out how to access SEE FX via the SEE FX Mobile app. If your organization doesn’t offer SEE FX services, please visit the SEE FX product page to learn more about this solution.

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