Consolidate and Modernize Your B2B and File Transfer Environments

Risk-free B2B / FTP Modernization & Consolidation

Save Cost now and increase your efficiency and flexibility for new requirements by consolidating and simultaneously modernizing your existing B2B and FTP applications to only one central Platform – the Business Integration Suite by SEEBURGER.

The Business Integration Suite turns a consolidation and modernization into a straighforward risk-free project with clearly defined cost and savings.

  • Comprehensive Functionality Coverage
    SEEBURGER’s Business Integration Suite provides all required functionality
    in one platform (instead of the randomly acquired patchwork offered by other providers).
  • Large Repository to Reduce Risks and Efforts
    Industry specific repository containing a large number of easily editable content and components (adapters, mappings, pre-configurations etc.) which allow rapid deployment and bring down total cost of implementation
  • True Operational Transparency
    The Business Integration Suite offers comprehensive business activity monitoring to provide “end-to-end monitoring” including monitoring of the SAP internal processes.
  • Performance with Scalability
    Business Integration Suite offers a future-proof scalable multi-tenant architecture which is designed to handle extreme amount of transactions in a private or public cloud
  • Automated Preconfigured Migration Tools
    Business Integration Suite provides special tools like the Mapping Analyzer and the Mapping Test Automation Tools for fast migration from different platforms.
  • Ease of Use
    Business Integration Suite provides easy to use intuitive graphical interface to shorten the learning curve
  • Tried and Tested – You will not be the first one and alone
    There are over 10,000 customers of all company sizes using SEEBURGER.

All these points are confirmed through actual customer references:

Consolidating and modernizing EDI/B2B along with file transfer technologies on a single unified platform like SEEBURGER Business Integration Suite (BIS) can cut your application and project costs by up to 80% while maintaining the satisfaction of internal and external partners.

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