Be confident that your data is safe – at rest or in transit 

BIS FileExchange - Managed File Transfer

File transfer any data outside of industry standards

BIS FileExchange establishes order, transparency, certainty and predictability providing your company with reduced risks

With the SEEBURGER Business Integration Suite, integration of any data transfers can be centrally managed and automated. Including data that is not subject to industry standards, like transfer methods (OFTP, Telebox, AS2, ...) or data content (Odette, EDIFACT, ...).

Ensuring maximum safety, transparency and accountability as well as full automation in data transmission.

A constant record is maintained providing you with the instant insight to whom is manipulating your data.

BIS FileExchange Function Description

SEEBURGER BIS FileExchange supports companies in the implementation of all scenarios of data exchange with the following features:

  • Controlled, comprehensible, data exchange with any business partners, systems, applications by a transaction manager that controls the known transfer protocols (FTP, SFTP, ...) centrally
  • Secure transmission of any data of any size
  • Employees can easily send and receive data from their usual environment by: Mail integration, web portal for secure project work with internal and external stakeholders, Mobile Apps, Windows Explorer integration for drag and drop
  • Transparency and control over all data transmission activities (who, when, to whom) in compliance with the corporate compliance rules
  • Individual automated / workflow-driven scenarios for pre or post-processing of files
  • Mobile App: safe transfer of data with tablets and smartphones
  • BIS File Exchange for SAP Netweaver: visualizes the SAP data transfers of employees, partners and IT administrators

BIS FileExchange establishes order, transparency, certainty and predictability providing your company with reduced risks

BIS FileExchange Use Cases

Adhoc File transfer

Adhoc File Transfer (type Dropbox®) as a point-to-point connection rather insecure e-mail, for example, for confidential reports, Excel files

Planned, automated File transfer

Planned, automated file transfer as a permanent communication channel for recurring data transfers of any data as a permanent addition to the adhoc file transfer.


Stakeholders have controlled access to virtual data rooms in which documents / files of any size, time limited / unlimited, can be made available; e.g. Marketing materials, graphics, offers and sketches.

System coupling

Systems with data interface
and data communication interface (Graphic Case 1)

Integration of systems with data interface and a communication interface for standard communication protocols (OFTP, AS2, FTP, SFTP, ...) (»intelligent systems«).

Examples for use cases: 

  • Cloud-Integration ( e.g. – SAP)
  • Engineering/CAx data Interchange
  • Sales figures from POS
  • Interfaces to applications such as production data from machines or production groups
  • Deliveries of remote locations
  • Database integration

Systems with data interface
but without communication interface (Graphic Case 2)

Integration of external systems that only have a data interface (but no means of communication) ("stupid Systems") via BIS link and the communication interface configured remotely and controlled by a central instance of BIS.

Examples for use cases:

  • POS without communication interface
  • Document scanning stations without "built-in" communication
  • …and everywhere where in-house developments are no longer economically operable (risk, expense)


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