Provides Access to All EDI-Triggered Information from One SAP Location for Easy Troubleshooting

SEEBURGER Delivers SAP Add-on for Centralised EDI/B2B Monitoring within SAP


HEATHROW, UK – Global business integration software provider SEEBURGER today announced a major advance in supply chain visibility with the SEEBURGER Monitor for SAP, an SAP add-on that enables supply chain managers and other end users to monitor and research all EDI-triggered processes from a single window within the SAP interface. The new tool is the first in the industry to link IDOCS representing supply chain messages with their associated SAP transaction documents for one-stop viewing inside SAP, eliminating the complex multi-application searches and difficult transaction and log file analysis typically required to trace trading partner communications.                     


Delivered as a fully integrated and preconfigured package for SAP, this latest extension to the SEEBURGER Business Integration Suite is designed to answer questions such as ‘Where is my customer’s order?’ or ‘Did the order ship?’ without the average 20-hour delay involved in requesting this information from busy in-house EDI or IT specialists. The SEEBURGER Monitor for SAP helps prevent supply chain interruptions and customer relationship damage by allowing authorised end users to: 


  • Access all IDOCs alongside related SAP documents such as purchase orders, sales orders, deliveries and invoices in one central location within SAP
  • Diagnose and resolve most issues without technical research and analysis
  • Set up automated error notification
  • Search for needed information by virtually any parameter and view
  • Drill down to any document, SAP master data or process transaction

Business benefits include: 

  • Prompt problem resolution that minimizes supply chain bottlenecks
  • Improved customer and partner service
  • Operating cost reductions 

“Once supply chain data goes outside SAP, tracking down needed information can require slogging through 10 different SAP applications,” said Rohit Khanna, EVP, Global Strategy and Corporate Development, SEEBURGER. “Our SAP Monitor provides a one-stop source of information that reduces the drain on IT resources, quickens error analysis, and provides full transparency and traceability to help keep supply chains running smoothly.” 

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