Trading Partner Services

Long term or short term operation care with SEEBURGER Support Trading Partner Service

  • Competent contacts for operating the solution
  • Choice over the service level agreement packages – options to meet your requirements 
  • Direct from the software developer – all from one source

A critical factor in the successful operation of a company is smooth running IT processes. Companies, who want to improve their EDI connections and cross-process performance without employing more staff, benefit from SEEBURGER Trading Partner Service.

Individual On-boarding 

We are able to individually on-board business partner connections according to individual specification of the parties, but generally, trade partners follow provided EDI guidelines. SEEBURGER undertakes a roll-out campaign to validate documents, and if necessary, makes adaptations to the interface. Due to our vast experience with EDI trading partner connections, a degree of complexity can be reduced.

Fast On-boarding

Fast on-boarding of your business partner connections are based on your EDI guidelines. Standardization enables fast connections as part of a roll out campaign. 

B2B Community Service

With B2B Community Service, SEEBURGER takes care of the connection and support of trading partners permanently. This is combined with onboarding monitoring of data processing and the necessary alterations to existing connections. The SEEBURGER Service Desk is the contact for trading partner requests, service coordination and troubleshooting. The Business Integration server is operated within the customer data center in-house or with the help of SEEBURGER Remote Services.

The B2B Clearing Center

The B2B Clearing Center combines B2B Community Service with SEEBURGER Managed Services. The Business Integration Server is operated by SEEBURGER from the SEEBURGER data center.

Advantages of Trading Partner Services

  • Allows quick and easy access of EDI-capable and non-EDI-capable partners
  • Accelerated processes (document delivery)
  • Reduction of process costs (invoice receipt)
  • Intensify coordination of business processes
  • Flexibility - Trading Partner Services can be combined with SEEBURGER Managed Services or Remote Services

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