SEEBURGER Business Integration

Earn Extra Margin When You Uncover Net New SEEBURGER Opportunities

Deal Registration is an excellent way to boost your earnings.

Authorized Channel Partners are eligible to participate in the SEEBURGER deal registration program.

Follow the steps below to start earning additional margin!

1. Step Identify a net new opportunity for SEEBURGER

2. Step Submit the Deal Registration form online and fill out all of the required fields

3. Step Await a response from our Alliances Team while we review the details

4. Step We will notify you once this has been approved or denied


Opportunity: An opportunity is a qualified lead identified by a partner

Deal Registration: The completion and submission of the Deal Registration Form detailing the opportunity

Deal Registration Protection Period: The protection period is 90 days from the Deal Registration approval date

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Deal Registration

Boost your revenue with SEEBURGER Deal Registration

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