Business Integration Suite Automotive

The automotive industry has continuously increasing requirements for automated delivery schedules  as well as for the exchange of engineering data. With its Business Integration Suite, SEEBURGER provides a central corporate platform and data hub for the automotive industry. The Suite can be established and used for connecting business partners worldwide, as well as for all business processes.

The solution is suitable for every size of enterprise and for the exchange of any data between business partners, internal applications or processes. The suite supports all communication channels with business partners, including EDI, web, paper and fax. It converts data into any format required, controls processes according to configurable rules, connects all major ERP-systems and monitors these processes.

EN Automotive Suite data exchange  with automotive  manufacturers & suppliers i.e. VDA, ODETTE, EDIFACT, ANSI X.12 … E-Invoicing VDA 4938 CAx-data exchange i.e. ENGDAT/OFTP2 for technical divisions integration of databases,  applications,  factories & sites, external nodes,  e.g. storage system … JIT/JIS applications NLK, BeloM, PUS … connection of smaller suppliers  via web-order-management confidential data exchange of any kind financial data, quality reports, QDX machine &  operating Data impulses integration into  ERP-/ legacy  system processes & tools for integration with SAP: End-to-End-Monitoring, fault processing workflow,  printing of good tacks  for SAP-customers Business Integration Suite


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