Achieving Real-Time Supply Chain Visibility with New SAP Best Practices

Identifying and preventing problems in B2B supply chain transactions can challenge even the best, most-established SAP and ERP systems. Business Activity Monitoring (BAM) and other supply-chain monitoring tools don’t provide insight into B2B-related communications inside SAP or ERP. Nor does SAP itself, because it can natively monitor only single processes (such as IDOC conversions) – not B2B transactions. This effectively makes SAP a supplychain dead zone, with SAP users having to call EDI Operations to get answers to the simplest
of questions.

As a result, problem identification and resolution takes forever. Responses to customer and partner problems are often too late or – worse – problems go unsolved. Business
experiences delays or even outages. Costs escalate. A new approach – centralized supply chain monitoring from within SAP – builds on SAP’s best practices, standards and workflows to fill in the SAP dead zone.