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Monitor, model and control any SAP processes

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Tools and turnkey solutions for modeling, monitoring and managing processes in your SAP® system

Set up new processes in SAP quickly and easily with our generic tools:

Logistics, manufacturing, integrating new business partners – regardless of industry, companies today are constantly experiencing change. As new business processes and workflows are being developed, they need be modeled in your SAP system. If an existing, standard SAP solution is not available or is available but not right for your company, creating new, custom solutions can be extremely costly and time-consuming, which is why companies need state-of-the-art tools and turnkey applications that allow them to manage and monitor their SAP system requirements quickly, easily and transparently.

These tools enable you to display and monitor any process in the SAP system. They also allow you to set up new processes quickly and easily, in a standardized way.

The benefits for your IT team?
Standard, maintainable processes, with no tailored programming necessary.

The benefits for other departments?
Straightforward, fast and cost-effective solutions to meet every requirement.

B2B SAP solutions to optimize and automate IT order-to-cash and purchase-to-pay processes

Using our tried and tested SAP standardized solutions for the transparent automation and optimization of the order-to-cash and purchase-to-pay processes, our customers can enjoy the following benefits:

  • Lower costs of financial administration and sales
    Significant cost reductions thanks to clear, standardized processes and automatic reconciliation of incoming invoices and orders.
  • Improved working capital and cash management
    The incoming invoices and orders book integrated into SAP and the Reporting Cockpit makes your processes completely transparent, so it is easier to improve the company’s cash position.
  • Improved data quality and process stability thanks to standardization
    Using SEEBURGER technology to standardize IT processes in conjunction with SEEBURGER’s process consultation service frees customers to focus on higher value activities.
  • Meet internal and external compliance requirements
    Our solutions provides long-term compliance management: you have the option of setting up authorization rules, the workflows provide a fully documented process history, and all applicable legal requirements are clearly flagged.
  • Complete integration with existing SAP systems
    SEEBURGER solutions can be fully integrated with SAP software, maximizing effectiveness and ease of use.

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