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SEEBURGER Remote Management

If operation in the cloud is not possible or intended for your application, if you want to carry out integration tasks yourself with your own EDI team, but cannot afford 24/7 operation in terms of time and resources, the use of Remote Management Service is the ideal complement to your own operation.

SEEBURGER performs all monitoring and error detection tasks for you on your BIS system. Optionally, SEEBURGER can also correct errors on the platform directly. As part of release management, we always keep your BIS platform up to date.

For all tasks, such as onboarding new partners, making changes or creating new mappings, you can always rely on SEEBURGER Consulting to temporarily support your own employees.

The Remote Management Service is available with different service levels. The individual service components can be combined independently of each other. You remain fully responsible for operating the infrastructure for the BIS platform.


  • Flexibility

    You can carry out all work steps on the system with your own employees at any time. Your own employees use existing know-how and their direct line to the specialist departments. You carry out changes yourself in coordination with your ERP and without dependence on SEEBURGER.

  • Transparency & Monitoring

    SEEBURGER Business Tracking gives you an overview of your data in real time. All business areas see the data relevant to them and have extensive research options. Of course, certain data can also be downloaded.

  • Expenses

    The system is operated by you and SEEBURGER in cooperation. SEEBURGER takes over all tasks in BIS operation, monitoring of the BIS platform and, optionally, troubleshooting. You are responsible for operating and securing the platform.

  • Security & Privacy

    Due to the operation of the platform in your own data center, external access to your data is not possible. All your security and data protection measures work just like for your other systems.

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