VSP Global Selects SEEBURGER Business Integration Suite to Modernize and Digitalize

VSP Global Selects SEEBURGER BIS to Modernize and Digitalize

VSP Global is able to solve business pains surrounding legacy modernization and enable a controlled migration within the corporate architecture.
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Modernize and Consolidate your Integration Architecture with SEEBURGER

Modernize and Consolidate your Integration Architecture with SEEBURGER

Achieve Modernization Using Simplified Migration Best Practices.
Electrify your Bank’s Payment Processing Architecture

Electrify your Bank’s Payment Processing Architecture

Empower your Bank. Deliver innovation for your customers. Gain more visibilty over your cash flow with payment processing integration.

SEEBURGER Solutions for the Financial Services Industry

Our mission is to make it radically simple to connect your critical business systems to get the information you need to the people and places it needs to be – securely, reliably and visibly

Whether you seek better knowledge of your customers to simplify product offerings or want to enable better deployment of your services, the SEEBURGER Business Integration Suite can facilitate your ideas by enabling you to

  • Put customers first & enable branch transformation
  • Simplify and gain cross-enterprise perspective
  • Business Intelligence: Make better decisions with consolidated data
  • Make innovation the everyday
  • Move fluidly for compliance – and mitigate risk

With a single platform that can accommodate any format, standard, gateway, protocol and business partner with ease, your institution can focus on growth, revenues, and innovation in service delivery,  SEEBURGER Business Integration Suite (BIS) lets you connect and automate every kind of data transmission, which in turn makes it possible to:

  • Advance Financial Flow Controls
    With all the B2B/file transfer gateway functions needed for payment platform consolidation, receivables management, integrated payables and secure transmission of large files and images, business processes are automated, improved, and streamlined
  • Accelerate Business Change
    Absorb acquired or merged businesses more quickly, migrate to new regulations faster with fewer errors, and enhance the efficiency of trading networks
  • Achieve Faster Time-to-Revenue
    Faster customer onboarding, the ability to process more transactions and bring new products to market faster arms financial services with the responsiveness needed to find and capitalize on new growth opportunities
  • Align IT with Business
    A unified approach between IT and the business lines pools knowledge to ensure flexibility and process orchestration that creates the agility and scale to meet the needs of business partners demanding real-time access to services and information

Optimize and Simplify

Simplify product offerings and enable better deployment of your services

Overcome disconnect due to information silos and open more channels. Simplify infrastructure to make faster connections. Give staff the information and access they need to make customers happy. Build a reputation for customer-friendliness. With SEEBURGER, you can simplify and gain cross-enterprise perspective.

Whether you seek better knowledge of your customers to simplify product offerings or want to enable better deployment of your services, the SEEBURGER Business Integration Suite can facilitate your ideas.

Business ChallengeSolution

Consolidation & Migration

Today’s enterprises and organizations face a widening divergence between the IT infrastructure demanded by emerging business needs and the infrastructure they’ve built up over generations. The smart enterprise meets these challenges by replacing MFT/B2B legacy systems with digitally enabled, modernized, secure, trustworthy and scalable business integration applications.

A Single Business Integration Platform tailored for financial services achieve modernization using simplified Migration best practices

Payment Processing & Cash Management

The way money moves is undergoing radical change globally. In an increasingly digital world, customers and regulators expect better, faster services to move monies efficiently and securely in real-time, and current payment infrastructures struggle to meet these needs.

Take advantage of information that arrives with payments, giving business users real-time access to incoming and outgoing payments to better manage your cash on a global basis.

Business-to-Bank integration enables Payment processing & better cash management

Customer and Partner Onboarding

Throughout your digital business journey, integration with your customers and business partners plays a crucial role. Having the ability to accelerate the flow of information to and from customers or business partners can make or break the bank for your business model. Your partners and customers expect top notch, secure and collaborative channels to send and receive secure information.

The Community Management Application allows flexible modules for on-boarding and self-service

Gain Agility

Connect Business Partners Faster with Self-Service Onboarding

From self-service onboarding, global payment services, monitoring and SEPA testing – SEEBURGER products and solutions are designed to enable you to utilize your business intelligence by connecting siloed applications and systems to provide you with a better understanding of your customers, products and sources of revenue.

Business ChallengeSolution

Connect Business Partners Faster with Self-Service Onboarding

Automate, reduce reliance on IT and give self-testing value to customers. Advance your B2B or MFT Gateways and speed customer onboarding with self-service.

Community Management Application enables efficient customer onboarding and shortens time-to-revenue.

Connect Internal Systems (API and EAI)

Get your systems talking to each other, have files automatically ready for processes between programs, databases and more.

Connecting information in a backend system between databases or programs, also known as Enterprise Application Integration (EAI) enables financial institutions to integrate applications, designed to work independently, to work with one another to accomplish business objectives.

Secure and Managed File Transfer

Move and manage data securely between backend systems, towards customers or partners, internally or externally.

Secure File Transfer of sensitive data of any size between companies, partners and employees, including agile communications and connectivity.

Innovate & Digitialize

Connect to everything and provide value-added services for customers

Increased business requirements to connect to everything and provide value-added services for customers are business challenges SEEBURGER BIS and integrated business process management can solve.

Business ChallengeSolution

Offer customers more services & channels

Looking to provide a continuous user experience across various channels, or looking to provide mobile services, innovate your bank and attract new customers with tangible service value.

SEEBURGER solution for API Integration and API Management will help enable your customers with innovative flexible services.

Business Intelligence for an Improved Customer Offering

Develop a sophisticated understanding of your customers by bringing together disparate data sets.

Gain new insights using SEEBURGER Business Integration Suite.

Financial Integration and Flexibility

Enable third party integrations

Banks must be able to have work with and enable third party integrations, that are flexible and result in cost savings.

Business ChallengeSolution

Gain Flexibility and Agility with a Private or Public Cloud

Let the cloud be your trusted source for data storage, while allowing a cost effective way to integrate with other businesses and parties.

Move your Bank to the Cloud
Full Service Business Integration in the Cloud.

Accelerate Financial Flows

With all the B2B/file transfer gateway functions needed for payment platform consolidation, receivables management, integrated payables and secure transmission of large files and images, business processes are automated, improved, and streamlined.

Simplify your IT Environment using SEEBURGER BIS for FSI.

Transfer large, confidential files quickly and safely

Gain competitive edge through the secure and traceable exchange of business-critical data.

Managed File Transfer (MFT)
5 Ways Secure Managed File Transfer can Improve your Business-Whitepaper.


Get Compliant, Minimize Risk, Increase Security


Business ChallengeSolution

Security for Compliance

Fines from industry regulators show the reputational and financial risks of an unsecured system. Guard your data and prove its safety with audit trails and reporting.

Business Integration Suite
Don’t be another News headline: Increase Security & Minimize your Risk Exposure.

Security, Visibility, Reporting, Auditing, Provisioning

Information has never been at higher risk for exposure or malicious interception. The risk for financial institutions has escalated dramatically, resulting in higher scrutiny and increasing regulatory mandates.

BIS for Security and File Transfer
Support SEPA, OFAC and other compliance capabilities, and be prepared for regulatory changes.

Improve data security

Prevent data leakage/loss by preventing unauthorized data transfers at the source (employees) and integrating with Data Loss Prevention (DLP) solutions.

BIS For Data Exchange
Financial services providers must also be able to apply comprehensive monitoring and tracking and compliance alerts to reduce the opportunity for fraudulent activity.

Open Banking

Digital Business transformation in your customer network

There are global financial pressures, customer driven and regulatory, that are opening up the market to new players and disrupting what and how customers buy. In Europe specifically, the Revised Payment Services Directive (PSD2) is set to release a business transformation in how financial services organizations and customers view themselves, and each other.

Banks and financial servive provider must, due to various global regulations, provide access to customer information (e.g. account balances and details) to third parties, introducing another entity to the customer relationship. In addition, banks must expose customer information and payments services to payment service providers, dis-intermediating the traditional payments model. This will all be enabled through the effective business use of APIs; setting the scene for the API economy to play a disruptive role in the future digital transformation of financial services.

Business ChallengeSolution

Digital Business transformation in your customer network

Enable data and information by using an agile, secure and scalable business integration platform, which can combine integration services such as managed file transfer, traditional application integration, and API integration together with end-to-end monitoring and business visibility.

The SEEBURGER solutions for API integration and management, together with BIS services for business integration, internal or external, enables the bank or the financial service provider with a solution for Open Banking.

Learn how SEEBURGER can help your bank, financial service provider or financial institution!

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PSD2: Will you be Ready in 2018?

Don’t let regulatory compliance be a tsunami. Keep calm and compliance on and let SEEBURGER help you stake your claim in the new payments value chain as a digital banking innovator.

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Countdown to GDPR
(General Data Protection Regulation)

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), agreed upon by the European Parliament and Council in April 2016, will replace the Data Protection Directive 95/46/ec in Spring 2018 as the primary law regulating how companies protect EU citizens’ personal data. Companies that are already in compliance with the Directive must ensure that they’re compliant with the new requirements of the GDPR before it becomes effective on May 25, 2018. Companies that fail to achieve GDPR compliance before the deadline will be subject to stiff penalties and fines.

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Legacy Modernization-Embrace the Digital Transformation

Legacy modernization is a constant attempt for companies to improve their services and to provide the quickest access to information. Organizations are challenged to cope with new applications and to constantly adapt their legacy software to keep up with the latest trends on the business field. The purpose is to improve customer service and compete with the same enterprises.

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Raiffeisen Informatik relies on leading-edge technology

Raiffeisen Informatik chose SEEBURGER BIS FileExchange for its highly configurable technology and comprehensive technical capabilities to add to its customer-friendly service offering.

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Nordea modernizes their integration and communication platform

By consolidating all communications and integrations in one solution, Nordea will be able to improve its customer offerings, shorten its time-to-market, reduce operational risks and increasing costs.

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