Security for any type of sensitive file transfer

Ensure Compliance, protect your IP and make sure that your business departments can focus on their core business. Only a comprehensive Managed File Transfer solution can cover all necessary needs.

Managed File Transfer and Digital Transformation

Information Overview

Managed File Transfer (MFT) is the right way to share large, sensitive, or high-value files. You don’t need to bother any longer with email attachment size restrictions, nor rely on outdated forty-year-old transfer protocols such as FTP.


What is Managed File Transfer (MFT)?

Transferring files of any size securely and with an audit trail is the so called Managed File Transfer (MFT).

Every corporate business process involves exchanging electronic data. To ensure such (large) data is transferred securely, it's recommended that you use a professional Managed File Transfer (MFT) solution. MFT comprises software technologies that secure, control, document, and automate the complete process of electronic data exchange.

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Functional Overview of the SEEBURGER BIS MFT Solution

The coordination of company-wide data streams requires security, control and transparency. SEEBURGER’s MFT solution comprehensively ensures this via two core building blocks: The MFT Gateway ensures the secure transfer of data and the MFT Management ensures efficient administration and control.

Learn more about the SEEBURGER Managed File Transfer (MFT) Solution


Learn more about the SEEBURGER Managed File Transfer (MFT) Solution

Read more about the right strategy for your GDPR initiative handling file transfers, gain insights on GDPR’s requirements and understand security implications.

What is GDPR and how can SEEBURGER's Managed File Transfer (MFT) help?


MFT: A Secret Corporate Weapon

Control IP, Demonstrate Compliance, Do What Matters Most. MFT helps when addressing business scenarios like new product development, confidential data exchange with subsidiaries or significant event reporting.

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See real world case studies how our customers modernize their integration and communication platform, combine hybrid integration needs including Managed File Transfer (MFT) on one platform and digitalize value chains.

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