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Provide and network product-related digital services

If the establishment and expansion of product-related digital services is to be promoted, existing service platforms must be supplemented by suitableintegration mechanisms. The processing of digital services requires a smooth interaction of all channels: the real-time interaction of participating systems, the consolidation of relevant data and the standardization of business processes. The BIS IoT Solution creates the bridge between the ‘Things’, IoT/Data Hub platforms as well as your internal applications and the IT backbone.

  • Integration of IoT platforms
    The digital image of individual products or devices is managed on IoT platforms. This has to be integrated automatically and the consolidation and transfer of their data to the systems involved has to be assured.
  • Data Hub & Analytics Integration
    Central data storage (Data Lakes) and the feedback of analysis environments with services and service bus are central elements of the IoT architecture. Whether as an analysis environment or within the IoT platform, BIS establishes the connection.
  • Development and expansion of online service platforms
    SEEBURGER BIS enables availability queries for marketplaces or shopping baskets, online availability checks in branches and fast order processing, which are indispensable in online trading.

Plant data integration for online services

More customer orientation in after-sales requires the development of our own service platforms. The end customer should be able to monitor their machine/system and use other services such as maintenance and spare parts orders.


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