Integrate production resources into business processes

Adaptable production, predictive maintenance or production in ‘batch size 1’: In order to be able to react promptly and efficiently to short-term changes, production resources and production IT systems in the shop floor must communicate both with each other and with the systems of the higher-level management and engineering processes (‘top floor’): real or virtual in the digital factory. With the BIS IoT solution, you can create the necessary connections between all systems.

  • (I)IoT-enabled process integration
    SEEBURGER BIS takes over the integration of production resources (machines), business and value-added processes for the digitization of production. This enables, for example, predictive maintenance, new services or traceability for innovative products.
  • Track & Trace and Monitoring
    Thanks to IoT, the tracking and control of the production process today is increasingly carried out via the material/product itself. Whether in expansion of existing AutoID infrastructure (RFID) or via central brokers SEEBURGER BIS ensures integration of track & trace data and their use in monitoring/analysis systems.
  • Continuous data integration
    Seamless networking requires uniform semantics of the data (language). The SEEBURGER Business Integration Suite supports you in the standardization of master data and interfaces for the interoperability of assets, enterprise applications (MES, PDM and ERP) and applications (services, analysis).
  • Security & Privacy
    The security functions of the SEEBURGER BIS platform guarantee the confidentiality and integrity of your data, processes and communication at all times.

Data exchange between Shop Floor and Product Lifecycle Management

For order-controlled production, fast adaptation/conversion of the machines is necessary, as well as ensuring high availability. SEEBURGER BIS ensures interoperability between ERP, PDM, MES and SPS.

Feedback and analysis of production data

Whether merchandise management, quality management or order tracking, the feedback of process and machine data from production to ERP, BI and Data Analytics systems as well as your preparation for specialist departments and business partners (JIS/JIT) enables more efficient production.

Digital transformation in the manufacturing industry

Learn more about the opportunities and challenges of digital transformation in the manufacturing industry and the SEEBURGER Business Integration Suite as the engine of your digitalization.

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Readiness for industry 4.0

Business integration platforms facilitate and accelerate digitization projects in the IoT environment. Read how you can integrate IoT-enabled products or resources into business processes and systems and make them ready for industry 4.0.

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