In the Driving Seat – ElringKlinger Future-Proofs for the Road Ahead

A global supplier to the automotive industry, the ElringKlinger Group plays a key role in shaping the mobility of tomorrow with all its fuel and energy sources. As industry requirements grow and more processes are digitalised, the company has to deal with new technologies and a greater range of system integration needs.

ElringKlinger is gearing up for this by expanding their trusty SEEBURGER BIS into a secure, highly available integration platform. This will enable the company to integrate new applications and cloud services in real time, as well as ensuring its systems and security measures are available 24/7 for exchanging sensitive data with customers, suppliers and authorities worldwide, both now and in the future.


ElringKlinger uses the BIS Integration Platform for a wide range of tasks

  • Secure, highly available EDI platform for their partners in the automotive industry
    and departmental users. Capable of a huge variety of processes and messaging, with 24/7 availability, priority control and traceability. ElringKlinger also uses BIS to process high volume data for CAD.


BIS Suite

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  • Data exchange with international government bodies, authorities and customs (compliance)
    BIS links SAP to national e-invoicing platforms to report and transfer invoice and tax data to the tax authorities in Spain (SII) and Hungary (NAV).
  • Integration of cloud services
      Exchanges data between JAGGAER and SAP, including master data copies, status updates on request for quote (RFQ status) and supplier details. Further processes planned for logistics.
    • Workday (HCM)
      Transfers HR master data and organisational structures between Workday, SAP HCM (Human Capital Management) and SAP IDM (Identity Management). Returns contact details from IDM.
  • Secure data transfer, processing and storage
  • Integration of central in-house systems such as access controls and visitor management system

SEEBURGER Business Integration Suite (BIS)

SEEBURGER BIS has the right solution for any integration need

ElringKlinger NeedsSEEBURGER Solutions
High availability
Customer expectations and cloud integration require continuous 24/7 operation
BIS Active/Active Cluster
Two servers running in parallel with at least one server active at all times (e.g. during rolling updates)
Secure communication over the internet
BIS Secure Proxy
An extra layer of security to all endpoints
Flexible cloud integration
Mapping in-house messages (SAP IDoc) in XML or as a flat file for third-party systems, or, able to call up SAP modules through an SAP remote function call (RFC)
BIS API/EAI Solutions
Flexible workflows for mapping and communication; optional RFC adapter to call up SAP modules directly
Internet encryption
Any personal data transmitted must be encrypted
PGP encryption
Can encrypt all data, not just that from Workday
Secure processing
Personal data may not be readable at any stage of processing (GDPR)
BIS Data Store
A secure storage area for files still to be processed

Benefits for ElringKlinger

  • A central, agile platform which solves all integration needs
  • Meets all company and industry requirements
    • Extremely high system availability
    • Ensures sensitive data is kept secure when exchanged within the company or with customers, suppliers and authorities worldwide
    • Future-proof and flexible

The SEEBURGER Business Integration Suite is more than capable of covering future integration needs at ElringKlinger:

  • New processes: As ElringKlinger AG move into new business areas such as e-mobility, their customer base will grow and their processes will change (such as requiring traceability)
  • New means of communication: The importance of technologies such as API/EAI, REST, web services, AS2 and AS4 (e.g. Peppol) is growing
  • Hybrid landscapes: There’s increasing integration of cloud systems with internal systems and cloud-to-cloud integration. Expanding the central landscape will cover these needs
  • Medium term: Migration to SAP S/4HANA and adoption of more IoT technologies in the trend towards smart factories

Through the cooperation with SEEBURGER and expanding their Business Integration Suite into an active/active cluster with API and EAI functionalities, we are able to meet all our business requirements, both today and in the future.

These include high availability, secure communication over a secure proxy, flexible cloud integration via API JSON web services, file encryption on the internet and secure transfer to a range of applications.

Bernd Reutter, Solution Architect EDI, ElringKlinger AG

About ElringKlinger

ElringKlinger is one of the world’s leading system partners to the automotive industry for lightweighting solutions, electromobility, sealing and shielding technology, tool technology and engineering services. With around 10,000 employees at 45 global locations, they‘re close to all the automotive manufacturers. ElringKlinger generated sales of EUR 1.6 billion in 2021.