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API Security – The Role of OAuth and API Keys

Discover API authentication with SEEBURGER BIS API Solution for powerful, secure, reliable integration, ensuring seamless connectivity between your business, your customers and partners, and the valuable data that runs your business.

Join us as we introduce you to the most common API authentication methods such as basic authentication, OAuth and API keys. With the SEEBURGER BIS API Solution, we will demonstrate real-world implementations of the various API authentication methods.

Cloud services, e-commerce, and mobile applications: Digital technologies offer you enormous opportunities for new ways to generate value, and improve networking with partners, clients and target audiences. To be a successful digital business, real-time information is key. With a broad range of API technologies and preconfigured building blocks, the SEEBURGER BIS API Lifecycle Management Solution supports your company’s real-time integration scenarios and allows for transparency and control over third party interfaces, users, permissions and file access at all times.

Companies that want to integrate APIs into their corporate strategy should therefore establish a clear structure from the beginning. Typically, companies start with a few APIs that are easy to manage. The amount of APIs often grows rapidly, making it more and more difficult to maintain control. The number of systems and people involved can also increase quickly, pushing unstructured solutions to their limits.

What does this mean for you?

Consuming or deploying APIs is only one-step in a much larger process. Whether you want to use APIs as the foundation for a new business model, centralize internal data, or make everyday work easier for employees with a clear APP, you can do it.

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