Benefitting From Digital Transformation | April 2020 | Cover Story (Excerpt)

Benefitting From Digital Transformation

Internationally successful cosmetics firm Artdeco leverages innovative branding concepts as well as individual sales strategies. Digital transformation is crucial.

Brands like Artdeco, Make-up Factory, Anny, PLCC or Malu Wilz are well known in the cosmetics industry and have made a name for themselves worldwide. Furthermore, the Munich-based firm and its subsidiaries are market leaders in highly specialized cosmetics distribution in Germany. Innovative branding concepts as well as individual sales strategies are key to its success.

Read in this article how Artdeco uses SEEBURGER's Business Integration Suite as a central integration platform for global digital business operations and for different use cases.

"By leveraging Business Integration Suite, we have uncovered enormous cost reduction potential..." says Gottwald Meister, IT/EDI Manager Artdeco Cosmetics

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