Business Integration Suite: Ahead Of Its Time – The Multifunctional Hybrid Integration Platform (HIP) | April 2020 | Cover Story (Excerpt)

Business Integration Suite:
Ahead Of Its Time

Without a Hybrid Integration Platform (HIP), digitisation projects are on a unsteady foundation

Companies tackling digital transformation projects will have to establish a hybrid integration platform eventually. Business Integration Suite has an edge over competitors regarding integration success and digitalization efficiency.

Integration Platform as Middleware

Seeburger provides an integration platform (middleware) that follows Gartner's approach. A general overview with functionality building blocks can be seen in the image titled "Seeburger's Business Integration Suite is at the heart of digital transformation." For both mid-sized and enterprise companies, Seeburger offers individually tailored solutions (functionality wise).

Gartner's approach to the term hybrid integration platform (HIP), is applicable to many different functionalities and definitions. It adapts seamlessly to a company's individual integration requirements.

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