Automotive Industry


The Race to Build a Digital,
Cloud-ready Business

Ten capabilities that will help you take the lead, both in the cloud and on the ground

Consumer expectations, supply chain disruption, emerging digital technologies, chip storages – with so much affecting the industry nowadays, the automotive industry has had to prioritize innovation and digitization in order to remain competitive and maintain market share.

SEEBURGER is an SAP silver partner with extensive SAP expertise.

SEEBURGER is SAP Silver Partner with extensive SAP expertise and SAP certification since 1995. Today, SEEBURGER is the only provider on the market for hybrid integration platforms whose portfolio covers all the requirements of SAP users.

  • Save time and cost using automatic transmission and accordance with industry-specific standards
  • Use APIs to bring EDI communication to a new level
  • Web-based EDI solution for connecting suppliers, even small suppliers without their own ERP system
  • Share engineering and product data with business partners and service providers
  • Connect the shop floor to your business applications and digitize processes between production and business
  • Secure Managed File Transfer
  • E-Invoicing
  • Monitoring of all business and technical processes

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