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SEEBURGER Cloud Services
B2B/EDI Full Service

The SEEBURGER B2B/EDI Full Service allows companies to exchange files with their business partners electronically without having to run the required technical solutions on their own systems.

With an increasingly globalized flow of goods and services, companies of all sizes from SMEs to multinationals, are required to network more efficiently. They need to comply with varied industry-specific B2B processes and map them digitally. Those need to be transparent and automatically monitored at any time. Hence, Electronic Data Exchange (EDI) becomes more and more vital for many companies. We provide improved services at low cost.

The SEEBURGER B2B/EDI Full Service provides fast and secure transfer of data as a comprehensive service in the cloud.

  • Highly secured B2B Cloud operations
  • Industry-specific and migration solutions
  • B2B mapping repository from a comprehensive mapping library
  • B2B communication network
  • Secure investment with our conclusive single-platform strategy implemented as a cloud- or on-premises solution – easy and cost-effective

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