There’s no hiding from ISO 20022


Ready or Not, Here it Comes

There’s no hiding from ISO 20022

The migration to ISO 20022 is one of the most complex projects that the payments industry has had to face. In the face of the challenge ahead of them, both banks and corporates have invested a lot of money, but many are still struggling to see the benefits – and to be ready in time.

This Q4 2022 joint survey by SEEBURGER and leading research and advisory firm Celent highlights where the two industries are, what they have done so far in preparation and what they should be doing if they not only want to meet the deadline, but also reap the many benefits that the rich ISO 20022 data has to offer.

Globally, 63% of large banks believe they will be ready by November 2025 – but a worrying 25% say they will struggle to meet the deadline or rely on stop-gap measures. Payments are a two-sided affair: unless both parties are fully ready, neither party is ready – and at least part of the industry appears to be underestimating the implementation challenges and what that may mean for their business in the long run.

Unlike banks, corporates do not have a deadline for the migration to the new messaging format, yet they still report a high level of awareness. Not only have they invested significant amounts of money to see the benefits – they want their banks to deliver and are willing to pull the plug if they don’t.

With the deadline looming in six months, where are banks and corporates in their ISO 20022 journeys, what steps have they taken – and have they done enough?

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of large banks believe they are either ready or will be ready by November 2025.

Only 3%

of corporates believe that banks will be 100% ready.

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