SEEBURGER’s Guide for Digital Transformation in the Manufacturing Industry!


Success factors for digitalization in the manufacturing industry

Benefit from digital, data-based business models, higher productivity, efficiency and transparency. Use one platform for hybrid integration of different use cases.

SEEBURGER’s Guide for Digital Transformation in the Manufacturing Industry

Stuck with Analog Business Operations in a Digital World?

In virtually all industries, innovative companies will earn billions by developing digital data-based business models. Manufacturing companies can benefit from the opportunities of digitizing and connecting their value chain.

In the manufacturing industry typical best practices are:

  • Stronger connection with partners, customers and target groups
  • Offer cost-effective tailored solutions instead of prescribed products
  • Provide value-added services
  • Stay flexible with a hybrid integration platform so you can add integrations easily

Read more about in this Whitepaper

  • How to achieve standardization, security and flexibility through digitizing in the manufacturing industry
  • Example scenarios for
    • Purchasing & Development
    • Production
    • Logistics & Transportation
    • Sales & Marketing
    • Customer Service
  • Protect your Investment by making old machines and plants industry 4.0-compatible


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