Exchange top secret and confidential data securely


Managed File Transfer (MFT):
A Secret Corporate Weapon

Modernize and Consolidate your internal File Sharing and external Transfer

How many times have you struggled to send a large file to someone, particularly when you are in a hurry? How often has your business suffered (along with your nerves) when a file arrived late for system processing, or even at all?  

No longer you have to put-up with restricted e-mail attachment sizes (typically 8MB), nor do our systems remain at the mercy of outdated forty-year-old transfer protocols such as FTP.

The new world order consists of a little-known secret corporate weapon known as MFT, and when deployed properly can help you:

  1. Control Intellectual Property (IP)
  2. Demonstrate Compliance
  3. Focus on Core Business

Read more in this Whitepaper how MFT helps when addressing business scenarios

  • New Product Development – Needs to securely collaborate with development partners by way of sharing CAD drawings, image renderings etc.
  • Data Exchange with Subsidiary – Sales performance and inventory data files from each subsidiary need to be sent securely and in a timely fashion to HQ (Headquarters) on a daily basis. Conversely, price adjustments, promotions and catalogue updates need to be distributed from HQ to all subsidiaries on a periodic basis.
  • Significant Event Reporting – Use of mobile devices to capture and securely post evidence (still imagery, video footage, descriptive words, GPS data etc.) of significant events in near real-time, e.g. vehicle accidents, crimes in progress etc.
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