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Managed File Transfer (MFT):
A Secret Corporate Weapon

Modernize and Consolidate your internal File Sharing and external Transfer

Managed File Transfer is a technology – offered as a software platform but also available as a cloud service – that allows organizations the secure and reliable electronic exchange of (often sensitive) data of any size. MFT comprises software technologies that secure, control, document, and automate the complete process of electronic data exchange, may it be internal or external to your organization.

With Managed File Transfer, any exchange of unstructured data such as contracts, drawings, reports, employee information, project data, customer and supplier data etc. takes place with oversight and control checks, reducing security and compliance risks.

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  • New Product Development – Needs to securely collaborate with development partners by way of sharing CAD drawings, image renderings etc.
  • Data Exchange with Subsidiary – Sales performance and inventory data files from each subsidiary need to be sent securely and in a timely fashion to HQ (Headquarters) on a daily basis. Conversely, price adjustments, promotions and catalogue updates need to be distributed from HQ to all subsidiaries on a periodic basis.
  • Significant Event Reporting – Use of mobile devices to capture and securely post evidence (still imagery, video footage, descriptive words, GPS data etc.) of significant events in near real-time, e.g. vehicle accidents, crimes in progress etc.
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