Accelerating Order-to-Cash Processes with New SAP Best Practices

Despite the efficiency of SAP Order-to-Cash processing, many companies experience high costs, frequent errors, and delayed revenue. The cause is not SAP but the collection of orders before they are entered into SAP. Almost three-fourths of incoming orders are paper-based and require manual handling. Eliminate this bottleneck and you can accelerate your Order-to-Cash and get a lot closer to the goal of fully automated booking in SAP, from order entry to receipt of payment.

SEEBURGER delivers the right approach!

  • Reduce processing costs and time by streamlining the Order-to-Cash process.
  • Accelerate revenue recognition and increase your sales with reduced order cycle times and prompt billing.
  • Avoid high training costs with a standardized guided tour.
  • Avoid penalty fees as you reduce delays and risk, and prevent mistakes.
  • Meet ever-increasing customer service and communication requirements as you receive orders anywhere and any way.

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