Business Integration Suite

Technical Whitepaper (Quick Overview)

Cloud Integration Software and IT services with a scalable all-in-one platform

SEEBURGER Business Integration Suite

The essential features of SEEBURGER BIS: The single, scalable, modular integration platform, on four pages

Discover the modular solutions for the digitalization of your business processes in the cloud, on premises or as a hybrid solution:

  • MFT – secure data transmission
  • API/EAI – real-time connection of applications and cloud services
  • B2B/EDI – reliable exchange of business documents
  • IIoT/Industry 4.0 – connect machines, sensors and smart services into business processes
  • E-Invoicing – regulatory compliant digitalization of inbound and outbound invoices
  • ERP/SAP – integrate any ERP system with adapters/connectors

Learn more about our cloud integration software and IT services with one central scalable all-in-one platform. Connect data, applications, clouds and partners with the SEEBURGER Business Integration Suite (BIS).

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