PlentyMarkets Shopware Connector

PlentyMarkets integration with SAP for customer and order data synchronization

Is PlentyMarkets part of your omni-channel strategy and do you need to synchronize your SAP customers into your webshop?

Do you need to retrieve orders from your webshop, place them into SAP for further processing and synchronize order status back to PlentyMarkets?

If you use e-commerce in your business, you are buying and/or selling goods, products or services over the internet. E-commerce applications are the link between your business, your customers and your business partners when it comes to online marketing and purchasing, retail and wholesale, finance, manufacturing, online booking and much more. Our EAI/API solution for your PlentyMarkets integration offers you the full capabilities to interact with the PlentyMarkets API and automate your business processes – and you can choose between an on-premises or cloud-based solution.

If your use case is special, contact us to discuss how our EAI/API solution can best meet your integration needs.

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