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Join SEEBURGER at The Payments Canada Summit

14 - 16 May 2019
Toronto, Canada

We look forward to seeing you at our booth #5!

Join SEEBURGER at The Payments Canada Summit

May 14 - 16, 2019, Toronto, Canada


The Engine to Drive Your Digital Transformation

Over the last few years, the variety of payment methods available has expanded dramatically, fueled by significant consumer adoption on a global level. Big changes are coming in the year ahead, especially for the banking giants, many of which have operated with a legacy-era brick-and-mortar mindset for hundreds of years. Consumers now have so many options when it comes to banking that even the most established financial institutions will need to work to stay relevant if they want to stay ahead.

Join SEEBURGER at The Payments Canada Summit to learn how a modern payments integration infrastructure can:

  • Help you consilidate your payments, independent of format and channels
  • Support a digitalization strategy moving towards an ISO 20200 supported payments infrastrcuture
  • Help improve internal and external processes, improve on-boarding and self-services for seamless and secure customer experience
  • Migrate and replace legacy integration technologies, as part of you overall modernization strategy
  • Meet the everchanging compliance needs and regulations


The Payments Canada Summit 2019


Join industry leaders, innovators and challengers at Canada’s largest payments conference. The 2019 SUMMIT is the forum to connect the payments ecosystem, offering a broad spectrum of topics that influence payments in Canada and around the world. Canada is undergoing a massive transformation of its payments infrastructure. The SUMMIT is the ideal meeting point for the payments community to come together to understand the future-state of payments, where Canada fits in the global ecosystem, and how this transformation will impact us as a nation, as an industry and as individuals.

Ulf Persson, SVP, Global Business Development, SEEBURGER has been selected as a panelist at the event.

Speaking topic: The Real Rush for Real-time Payments in the Digital Economy 

Location: Breakroom Room 201

Time: Day 1, Tuesday May 14, at 2:15 pm - 3:15 pm EDT

In today’s on-demand world, we expect to be able to spend, move and receive money instantly. For this reason, real-time payments (RTP), also known as ‘faster payments’ or ‘instant payments’, are gaining momentum globally. However, currently, many financial institutions have an infrastructure and a good customer base, but they are typically burdened by legacy systems. Many payments solutions are outdated, and interfaces are not intuitive. What is the best way forward, what is the value proposition and what are the steps required to enable RTP? To be able to achieve RTP, and at the same time support traditional ways of managing payments, domestic and international, it typically requires you to be innovative and transparent, including building ecosystems that are trusted by your customers and business partners. You need a reliable, scalable and secure payments infrastructure, supporting both today’s and tomorrow’s business needs. In this presentation we will share best practices on how to get there through real life examples both from an IT and business perspective, from countries which have implemented RTP, and what should be improved to be able to digitally enable and optimize payment applications.

We look forward to seeing you at our booth #5!

More information about The Payments Canada Summit is available on the event's website.

Join SEEBURGER at The Payments Canada Summit

The Beanfield Centre
105 Princes’ Blvd, Suite 1, Toronto, ON M6K 3C3, Canada
May 14 - 16, 2019  |  08:30 am - 02:45 pm (EST)  |  Tradeshow

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