Unbundling regulatories and processes in German Energy Market

Unbundling – The Main Challenges

  • The main characteristic of Energy Market deregulation for Power is the break-up of the traditional Value Chain, the so-called Unbundling.
  • The Uncoupling of competition-oriented Business Processes concerning Energy production and distribution from the traditional monopole of the Utilities Networks changes today`s structure of Energy-Providers.
  • SEEBURGER AG is the competent Partner for the development of an IT-oriented Unbundling strategy, of a restructuring of your relevant Organization and Business Processes, as well as the adoption of your IT-Systems to the legal requirements for Intercompany Data Exchange.
  • One of the most significant challenges for Utilities in the unbundling-context is securing of the utility companies investments in the future. Therefore SEEBURGER will be able to help to quickly react on legal environment changes.