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ITL Logistics Increases Productivity by 80% with Omnichannel Integration

Simplify complex business requirements between systems, customers and partners

ITL Logistics requires synchronous omnichannel integration between their accounting system and seven of their business solutions:

  1. Warehouse management
  2. Aviation services
  3. Freight management
  4. Contract logistics
  5. Railway logistics
  6. Last mile and express
  7. E-commerce logistics

To add further complexity to this complex business requirement, ITL Logistics’ customers often change their business models and initiate change requests, their customers’ accounting systems use a wide range of fields, and their omnichannel integration solution needs to support a favorable development environment for three parties – ITL Logistics, their customers and their partners.



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The BIS platform reduced our waiting times in half, making our e-invoice and document delivery procedures faster and more stable. Before BIS, we had to wait more than 10 minutes for an invoice, but now it takes less than 5 minutes.

Bryan Tuyen, Group IT Director

Automation with the SEEBURGER API and B2B EDI solution saves 40% of labor time:

ITL Logistics implemented the SEEBURGER Business Integration Suite (BIS) API and B2B/EDI solution to streamline all business processes with automation for accuracy, efficiency and real-time data availability and accessibility in the private cloud.

1. Automation saves 40% of labor time

Streamlining all business processes with automation helped ITL Logistics establish data flow channels for collecting all relevant and correlated data while easily retrieving and processing data for all their business solutions.
This streamlining has saved ITL Logistics 40% of labor time, but because their clients scale up their businesses, ITL Logistics has no intentions of reducing its workforce. This extra time has been helpful for sorting and separating orders, planning deliveries and creating a flexible plan for dispatching trucks and vans – all of which have helped ITL Logistics achieve remarkable KPIs and First Choice and Renew contracts with their clients.

2. Cloud offers real-time data availability and accessibility

Gathering data from various sources and storing it in the cloud has eliminated the need for ITL Logistics to wait long periods of time for data to be manually synced across systems.
By implementing the BIS API and B2B/EDI solution, ITL Logistics now has real-time availability and accessibility of data in the cloud. The company no longer has to search for data from within multiple disparate systems; data tracking and support is communicated between systems in the cloud, which saves 70% of time that was previously spent searching for data.

3. Accuracy and efficiency increase productivity by 80%

Before implementing the BIS API and B2B/EDI solution, ITL Logistics received information from many different channels, such as chat, email and phone. This resulted in manually incorrect orders that took extra time waiting for customer confirmations.
Now that the company’s integrated systems automatically update the central database with synchronous information, ITL Logistics has eliminated repetitive manual data processes, and employees can now work faster with accurate data – 80% faster. Each department can focus on its own tasks without worrying about staying in sync with the activities of other departments.

The Benefits

Save time and cut costs:

  • Reduce costs and development time.
  • Quickly share valuable data and fast track processes.
  • Enter new territories and markets with a common business language.
  • Shorten the lead times for onboarding new customers and partners.

Build customer trust with real-time, transparent accuracy:

  • Increase customer loyalty by minimizing driver and delivery waiting times.
  • Reduce operational costs while meeting customer satisfaction KPIs.
  • Make faster decisions and improve responsiveness to changing customer and market demands.
  • Seamlessly collect, integrate and generate data from invoices and transactions for fast, accurate and real-time paperless processing and data availability.

About ITL Logistics

ITL Logistics is a large business unit of Indo-Trans Logistics Corporation and ITL Logistics for tapping into Vietnam’s fast-growing market and increasing needs for integrated logistics solutions. ITL Logistics combines the expertise and experience that have built up over many years in Southeast Asia to offer integrated logistics solutions and strategic value to clients. ITL Logistics is one of the market leaders in integrated logistics service, delivering high-quality services that satisfy complex logistics needs in order to grow businesses.

ITL Logistics is transforming to support the future of logistics, including developing expertise in e-commerce and shared economies.

ITL Logistics endeavors to stay ahead of the industry by enabling creative solutions and the development of new services and products that provide customers with unparalleled and innovative, cost-effective solutions.