Brochure | Smarter Payments Integration with Real-Time Fraud Detection


Smarter Payments Integration with Real-Time Fraud Detection

With the phenomenal growth in real-time payments, digital payments, e-wallets and other emerging payment overlay services, the risk of financial crimes and fraudulent activities across the entire payment and financial services value chain is increasing exponentially.

Discover how SAS and SEEBURGER have combined their expertise to provide a market leading payments integration solution to manage the entire end-to-end payment lifecycle.

  • Manage client onboarding, self-services, application, integration, validation, and transformation of any client-originated payment file format, imported in a variety of connectivity methods.
  • Enjoy a single solution for dedicating and preventing fraud through machine learning analytics at the core of real-time processing.
  • Ensure a streamlined onboarding experience for retail and corporate clients with a solution supporting clean and secure real-time payments to drive operational efficiency.
  • Available on-premises, in the cloud, or as a hybrid model.

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