Consolidate and Modernize Your B2B and File Transfer Environments

How to Get Ahead of the Competition: Consolidate and Modernize Your B2B and File Transfer Environments

Do you have a need for agility, better collaboration and data flow governance in your B2B infrastructure?

The need for consolidation and modernization can put your B2B integration infrastructure under pressure. It is more critical than ever to have a B2B infrastructure that is not just supporting your business, but also provides opportunities to increase efficiency and means for you to innovate to develop your business.

Analysts predict that a significant share of the budget for integration projects will be spent on infrastructure modernization. Many companies have old B2B and file transfer middleware with limited functionality, which also limits the ability to meet today’s business requirements. Businesses must modernize and consolidate the B2B infrastructure to stay competitive. 

We have helped several companies migrate smoothly to a modern, all-in-one and flexible solution called SEEBURGER Business Integration Suite (BIS), available on-premise or as a cloud solution.


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