SEEBURGER Migration Suite Best Practices

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Migration Suite Best Practices

Cut the Cord with Your Current Legacy Software Vendor!


SEEBURGER can help.

More than ever organizations are looking for quick access to their data to please the consumers and customers living in the always “on” world of immediacy they have come to expect.

CIO’s, CTO’s and CSO’s at companies and organizations are in a race to digitalize and modernize their legacy systems. The systems they have in place are dated, expensive, difficult to use, manage and maintain. An effective enterprise tackles these issues by replacing dated MFT/B2B legacy systems with digitally enabled, modernized, secure, trustworthy, manageable and scalable business integration applications.


Don’t Fear Migration – Achieve Modernization Using SEEBURGER Simplified Migration Best Practices

After years of experience of migration projects, we have developed the SEEBURGER’s Migration Suite, to solve business pains surrounding legacy modernization and enable a controlled migration within the corporate architecture. The Migration Suite provides uninterrupted business operation while assisting in the migration process, eliminating the need to contact customers and business partners, making the migration process smooth and efficient.

SEEBURGER’s best practice for legacy migration includes tools and solutions which simplify importing connectivity configuration from legacy MFT/B2B applications, thereby reducing cost of migration and improving customer satisfaction.

SEEBURGER’s Migration Suite is proven, and has been used by major global enterprises over many years to migrate from various Axway integration technologies (Secure Transport, AMTrix, Integrator, Integration Broker, etc.), IBM/Sterling Connect Enterprise, Sterling Integrator, IPSwitch and other similar MFT/B2B solutions and applications.


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