SEEBURGER Business Integration Suite: A Single Code Base for Maximum Effectiveness

SEEBURGER BIS: A Single Code Base for Maximum User Effectiveness

The SEEBURGER Business Integration Suite is 100% German-engineered from the ground up.

A Single Source-code Base.

A Single User Interface for All Integration Tasks.

Experience the SEEBURGER Difference.
SEEBURGER Business Integration Suite – Outside Analysts' View

SEEBURGER Business Integration Suite – Outside Analysts' View

SEEBURGER is continually assessed by leading IT analysts such as Gartner, Forrester and Ovum.

SEEBURGER receives high ratings and is classified as a visionary in the industry.

The SEEBURGER BIS Platform –
Comprehensive Support for All Integration Scenarios

One flexible platform for all integration scenarios. The SEEBURGER Business Integration Suite satisfies high-demand environments with a modular structure, a flexible service-oriented architecture and simplifies usage through pre-configured vertical solutions.

Modular structure
Are you looking for the competitive edge for your B2B/EDI integration and are planning an API initiative? Start implementing the components that you need now with SEEBURGER BIS, and expand as needed.

The flexibility of the Business Integration Suite is enabled via an intelligent architecture: The server foundation and the BIS Core Platform provide all core functions for integration, file exchange, management and analysis. Preconfigured solution profiles for specific integration scenarios are built on these core functions: Managed File Transfer (MFT), API/EAI, B2B/EDI, IoT, E-Invoicing and ERP/SAP integration.

Flexible licensing
Our licensing scheme works with your budget - you have full freedom in licensing CPU or usage-based, permanent or limited in time, purchase or leasing.

Solution packages based on your needs
BIS is available in different versions for various requirements depending on the size of the company or industry. The “Enterprise” edition contains high-performance development tools, with which you are able to develop and configure any integration scenarios yourself. The “Standard” edition offers preconfigured functions and content for all necessary processes of your relevant integration scenarios.

Furthermore complete industry profiles bundle industry-specific functions and communication protocols, allowing you to configure your setup immediately after the installation.

Supplementary Services and Cloud as Option
In addition to maintenance, support and implementation consulting, SEEBURGER offers Cloud Services for all integration topics, using our certified data centers.

SEEBURGER Business Integration Suite – Building Blocks

BIS Integration Server

BIS Integration Server – Save Costs with Process Automation

The BIS Integration Server uses the BIS Process Engine and works in accordance with the BPEL standard. The BIS Channel Engine is an in-memory variant of the BIS Process Engine. Both together execute all integration processes, which are fundamental to any digital integration scenarios (MFT-, B2B-, API-, IoT-, E-Invoicing, ERP-integration).

The BIS Adapter Engine ensures secure and reliable exchange of messages and files as well as seamless application integration with a large number of protocol adapters.

The Business Integration Converter (BIC) is a high-performance Any-to-Any conversion which masters all data mapping requirements (testing, splitting, merging, converting).

BIS Information Server

BIS Information Server – Decision Support

BIS Information Server is the data storage of the platform. With big data methods, relevant business intelligence can be done to structure the flood of data generated by the digitalized processes. This is the foundation to obtain information for business decisions out of the flood of data.

A few examples:

  • Track & Trace from B2B-documents => SLA compliance for supplier evaluation
  • E-Invoicing: Central control of invoicing processes => ideal starting point for business analysis
  • API usage data => foundation to monetize API based traffic
  • Machine data from the shop floor => only via intelligent aggregation events can be triggered to the enterprise applications

BIS File Exchange Server

BIS File Exchange Server – Collaborate More Efficiently via File Exchange

The BIS File Exchange Server is the foundation for interactive Managed File Transfer. It offers secure data rooms and mailboxes which can be shared with other user(s) and group(s). There are no file size limits. Access to the server occurs via web service API, which offers functions for the acceleration of data transfer (for example, compression and "parallel TCP"). Access via FTP/S and SFTP is supported across gateways. The integrated web application permits interactive/ad hoc access.

BIS Portal Server

BIS Portal Server –  Enable All Users with Tailored, Modern GUIs

All web interfaces are based on the BIS Portal Server. The portal application SDK ensures the consistency of the look & feel. The cloud-compliant user management also supports the administration of external users which is a prerequisite for state-of-the-art Business Community Management and Self-Service applications for the business units.

BIS Developer Studio

BIS Developer Studio – Create Any Integration Scenario Yourself

The BIS Developer Studio is the Business Integration Suite development environment. It is based on the open source Eclipse platform and contains graphic tools (plugins) for process, mapping and API design. Created scenarios (solutions) can be transferred and activated (Hot Deployment) from the Developer Studio into the runtime environment without interruption of operations. Alternatively you can also deploy offline. The Integration into Build Automation systems (BIS Deployment REST API) is also supported for the advanced developer. Plugins for the integration of common source code version management systems (CVS, SVN, GIT/GITHub) are available for source code management.

BIS Landscape Manager

BIS Landscape Manager – Automate Software Updates Securely

The BIS Landscape Manager manages BIS system landscapes and automates installation and maintenance. This especially pays off when a BIS environment is distributed across several nodes, for example to achieve greater availability and/or higher performance or when a separate environment is required for development, testing and production.

The BIS Landscape Manager automatically downloads new software versions from the SEEBURGER Cloud and is able to automatically install these (upon request and for systems with Active/Active-Setup) on all nodes involved during an update process without additional user intervention and without downtime.

BIS Secure Proxy

BIS Secure Proxy – Securely establish connections over the internet

BIS Secure Proxy connects communication adapters and portal applications from the Business Integration Suite with the Internet.

Using the “fence” component, which is deployed in the DMZ (demilitarized zone), secure communication channels are provided. Time consuming and frequent changes in the firewall configuration, for example upon activation of new business partners, are avoided.

BIS Link

BIS Link – Create a Connection at Any Time

BIS Link bridges the gap, if endpoints must be equipped with a communication device in a B2B, EAI, IoT or MFT scenario. The preconfigured Java application can also be efficiently distributed to many hundreds of end points. With the BIS Link Manager application, BIS Link is preconfigured, deployed, monitored and updated when needed. Additional data conversion is available with the BIS Link PLUS variant.

Advantages of the SEEBURGER Business Integration Suite (BIS)

With SEEBURGER, Your IT Becomes a Business Accelerator

  • One platform for all integration scenarios
    MFT, B2B/EDI, API/EAI, IoT, E-Invoicing, ERP integration – the BIS Platform covers all requirements on one platform. This creates synergies because with BIS there is only platform and a single user interface for all tasks – which is a huge benefit for project and operating teams.

  • Secure operation and compliance with all regulation

    As a platform, BIS offers all necessary tools and interfaces to ensure operation and compliance with regulations.

  • High scalability and flexible deployment

    Due to the modular service-oriented design, the BIS Platform can be distributed across several servers and network zones. This allows flexible setup with respect to performance, availability, security and functionality.

  • Role based user experience
    To increase organizational agility and innovation BIS provides modern user interfaces which can be customized by role. From IT specialists, who develop new integration scenarios, to business unit power users, who resolve issues and initiate the integration of new partners.
  • Predefined solution packages
    reduce time and effort to ensure quick Return on Investment.
  • High-Performance development tools

    Allow users to implement complex individual requirements – via graphical orchestration of communication and data integration components. There are numerous additional building blocks, for example for the integration with services from the SEEBURGER Cloud.

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The comprehensive basis for all integration scenarios.

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More than 10,000 satisfied customers worldwide rely on SEEBURGER solutions

Here you find the success stories from our customers

SPIE Consolidates its Branches B2B Processes with SEEBURGER

With capability to handle 800.000 daily transactions, SEEBURGER Business Integration Suite is powerful enough to transport all of the required messages that the SPIE group handles on a daily basis.

VSP Global Selects SEEBURGER Business Integration Suite

VSP Global is able to solve business pains surrounding legacy modernization and enable a controlled migration within the corporate architecture.

Emmi beschleunigt Geschäftsprozesse mit dem Wechsel auf BIS6

Ebenso wie Emmis Produkte eine lückenlose Kühlkette erfordern, braucht die Premium-Molkerei durchgängige Prozesse von EDI, Lagerverwaltung, Kommissionierung, Logistik bis hin zu Palettenkennzeichnung.

SEEBURGER manages Logistics

Mit einem zentralen Integrationsansatz steuert Leschaco sämtliche EAI und vorkonfigurierten B2B Prozesse, bis der logistische Prozess mit einem „goods received” endet.

Markt-Kommunikation leicht gemacht

Der SEEBURGER MaKo Cloud Service entlastet Unternehmen, da Standardprozesse über eine automatisierte Cloud-Lösung abgewickelt werden.

Toolunterstützte Migration steigert Datenqualität und Projektsich

Der SEEBURGER Compare Service zeigt die kleinste Abweichungen und dermöglicht damit eine gezielte Anpassung der Mappings.

Lohnende Lieferanten-Kommunikation für höchste Ansprüche

Das Lebensmittel-Handelsunternehmen Lidl hat auf Basis des Business Integration Servers und Roll-Out-Portals von SEEBURGER eine der modernsten Lieferanten-Kommunikationslösungen im Handel aufgebaut.

innogy setzt bei der Digitalisierung auf SEEBURGER BIS6

Nun gehen innogy, deren Verteilnetzbetreiber Westnetz und das Tochterunternehmen Mitnetz einen Schritt weiter, um ihre digitale Strategie umzusetzen und ihren Kunden einen neuen Mehrwert zu liefern.

Schnell & zukunftsfähig – Datenaustausch mit neuestem BIS

Die digitale Transformation von Geschäftsprozessen mit Anbindung von Lieferanten und Integration von IT-Systemen ist eine zentrale Herausforderung für DIEFFENBACHER.

Industrie 4.0 mit der SEEBURGER Business Integration Suite

Digitale Transformation der Produktion mit Austausch, Integration und Auswertung von Maschinendaten bei BECOM.

SEEBURGER-Konzept »Alles aus einer Hand« für Schweizer Landwirte

Die fenaco-LANDI Gruppe steuert Produktion und Vermarktung genossenschaftlich produzierter Erzeugnisse über das gesamte Integrationsspektrum EAI/B2B/EDI inkl. relevanter Geschäftsprozesse mit dem BIS.

Einfache, schnelle und automatisierte Anbindung der B2B-Partner

Fenaco überzeugte der hohe Grad an Standardisierung, die Umsetzung der Prozesse nach Best Practice-Prinzip, die einfache Bedienbarkeit, die hohe Transparenz sowie die nahtlose Integration in SAP.

Zukunftsfähig durch B2B/EDI- & Ad hoc-Datenaustausch-Lösungen

Die reibungslose Abwicklung von Logistikprozessen sowie sichere Bereitstellung unstrukturierter Daten an Kunden der Fertigungsindustrie löste die Kunststoff Schwanden AG dank SEEBURGER professionell.

Datenaustausch für Douglas mit dem neusten SEEBURGER BIS

Die IT-Abteilung der Douglas Holding entschied sich für den leistungsstarken BIS6, um zukünftige Entwicklungen und wachsende Anforderungen der Gesellschaften mit hoher Qualität erfüllen zu können.

Umstieg: Würth setzt auf SEEBURGER-Software

Mit Unternehmens-Anforderungen eines weltweit agierenden Spezialisten nach Performance, Hochverfügbarkeit und umfassenden Anbindungen von EDI-Partnern entschied sich Würth konsequent für den BIS6.