Boost Your SAP with SEEBURGER

Tailored, Industry-Specific Add-Ons Are Helping Companies Maximize their SAP© Systems.


Bretten – In paper-based invoice processing, transparency is the key to greater quality and productivity. Tailored extensions – as add-ons to existing automated invoice processing – provide that transparency. The result is that companies can take fullest advantage of discounts and bonuses, while greatly enhancing efficiency.

You are no doubt aware that paper invoice processing commonly involves several departments within a company. Mail processing, accounting, ordering, purchasing and other sectors can often be involved. Just entering data into the SAP system is time-consuming and error prone.

For example, if an invoice is questioned, that invoice may need to be physically taken for error checking to the person or department responsible for creating the invoice. In another case, the purchasing department may need to compare invoice data with purchase orders. There are many time-consuming scenarios.

Time Is Money.

It isn’t difficult to see that the entire paper-based process is inefficient. It wastes both time and money.

There is, however, a better way. According to a 2011 study conducted by Sterling Commerce, by employing automated invoice processing, companies can reduce errors by 37% while saving nearly 90% of IT costs.

Adding On Can Multiply SAP Effectiveness.

Through industry-specific extensions, companies can automate and streamline their business functions, particularly paper invoice processing. Solution extensions, such as the purchase-to-pay solution from SEEBURGER, shorten lead times, provide complete record-keeping, prevent loss of discounts and accelerate the invoice processing.

With the purchase-to-pay solution, processing takes place within the SAP user interface that is familiar to your employees. This eliminates the need for costly staff training. These add-ons quickly reduce both labor and IT costs. Management will be convinced of the value by the rapid return on investment.

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