How Managed File Transfer Prevents Data Breaches: SEEBURGER Infographic

Enables Secure File Sharing Even for Mobile Users


ATLANTA, GA – Two months ago, the South Carolina Dept. of Health & Human Services revealed that confidential personal information on 228,435 Medicaid beneficiaries was compromised when a former agency employee sent the data to his personal email account. That data breach and others related to file sharing – whether by email, FTP, hosted file sharing services or other methods – can be prevented with managed file transfer (MFT) technology, as illustrated in a new infographic prepared by global business integration software provider SEEBURGER.

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MFT is an enterprise-level file sharing solution that protects organizations against security, governance and regulatory compliance violations as well as overcoming the size limitations associated with email. It can apply to any device including tablets and smartphones , helping CIOs gain control over the burgeoning BYOD movement. 

Each file transfer made through MFT – whether system-to-system, system-to-human or human-to-human – is checked against pre-defined policies such as who is authorized to send what to whom, whether a given file must be routed with a specific protocol like SFTP or AS2, and who has access to that file. Each is also encrypted, authenticated, monitored to ensure delivery, and logged in a central location for easy tracking and auditing. 

Benefits include:

  • Reduced risk of data theft
  • Enforcement of corporate and regulatory information security policies
  • Avoidance of compliance penalties
  • No limitations on file size
  • Centralized control over and visibility of all file transfer activity
  • Cost savings, including eliminating management of multiple FTP servers
  • Protection of files exchanged from mobile devices

MFT can be used to protect sensitive and/or large files ranging from payroll, customer lists, price lists, HR data, and financial and tax information to business plans, contracts and RFPs, CAD/engineering drawings and large multimedia files such as marketing videos. It can be deployed on premise or in the cloud. 

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