SEEBURGER Svenska AB is rated triple A (AAA) in 2011

SEEBURGER’s Swedish subsidiary receives a high credit rating from the Soliditet rating agency.


Bretten, Germany, September 2011 – Soliditet, one of Scandinavia’s leading credit rating agencies, has awarded SEEBURGER Svenska AB a triple A credit rating. That means customers and suppliers can enjoy complete security, knowing their investment is fully protected.

Swedish business integration solutions supplier SEEBURGER Svenska AB has just received a triple A credit rating. “We’re proud of this excellent achievement,” says Conny Jansson, Managing Director Nordic, SEEBURGER Svenska AB. “It demonstrates SEEBURGER’s global position as a successful, profitable company with solid financial underpinnings.” Bernd Seeburger, CEO of SEEBURGER AG Germany, goes on to add, “We don’t operate a short-term, shareholder-focused strategy. We take a more long-term outlook – our customers are our primary concern. And that’s something they’ve come to appreciate.”

This rating code only applies to limited liability companies – and in Sweden, less than three percent of these have achieved a triple A rating. Independent rating agency Soliditet has been using this system since 1989.

A strong liquidity position inspires confidence
These rating codes allow customers and suppliers to make reliable assessments of their business partners’ liquidity positions. SEEBURGER Svenska’s financial stability is clear to see: in a long-term rating (of more than 360 days), its borrowings were assessed as very secure, meaning that the company has a low default risk. So customers and suppliers can feel confident about investing in the company’s IT solutions and services in the long term. “Our aim now is to continue to grow in the Nordic market,” says Conny Jansson. SEEBURGER AG is one of the very few global software companies that remain independent and owner-managed.

SEEBURGER AG specializes in the integration of business processes, and operates on a global scale. Its products include a comprehensive Business Integration Suite that functions as a central platform for all business processes with external partners. Special SAP monitoring solutions are available for the manufacturing industry and for energy providers. SEEBURGER’s customers benefit from the company’s 25 years of experience in the industry, and from its process expertise gained working on projects at over 8,500 companies including Beiersdorf, Bosch, EnBW, E.ON IT, Heidelberger Druckmaschinen, Intersport, Lidl, Osram, Siemens, s.Oliver, Schiesser, RWE, Volkswagen and many more. SEEBURGER was founded in Bretten, Germany in 1986. The company is a long-standing SAP partner, with 19 subsidiaries in Europe, Asia and North America.

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