Global Engineering (CAD/CAx) and Product Data Exchange

Complete Solution for Engineering (CAD/CAx) and Product Data Exchange

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Complete Solution for Engineering (CAD/CAx) and Product Data Exchange

Innovative solutions for the holistic Engineering (CAD/CAx) and Product Data Exchange with ENGDAT / ENGPART, Web-Portal, OFTP2 and CAD / PDM integration.

The transfer of Engineering (CAD/CAx) and Product Data Exchange with partners and engineering service providers in today’s global manufacturing industry is no longer limited to CAD data, but includes a variety of product information from numerous authoring and data management systems such as CAM, CAE, PDM and PLM.

EN Engineering B2B-StandardSolution Business Integration Suite Global, Secure Data Exchange in Automobile industry with OEM & Supplier, According to VDA, SASIG ODETTE, AIAG, GALIA, JAMA, … Technical 2D/3D CAD Models, Assembly, BOM for Design and  Manufacturing, various formats e.g. STEP, … CAx-Data Exchange with international Standards ENGDAT/OFTP2 VDA 4951 Integration PDM-, CAD-, Quality Check-Tools and CAD-Format Converter … 100% Engineering Partner Connectivity via Web-Portal Synchron or Asynchron CAx-Data Exchange Add-Hoc, Online or Offline Any Kind of Product Data Quality documents, product specifications, service manuals, data visualization, … Managed File Transfer for Engineering-Data Exchange Managed Service, Cloud or on Premise Supporting all Communication-protokols OFTP2, OFTP-TCP/IP, OFTP/ISDN, ... Using all existing Networks ANX, ENX, JNX, ISDN,  Internet, VPN, LAN, WAN/RAS, VAN

SEEBURGER provides a Managed File Transfer (MFT) solution for secure, global Engineering (CAD/CAx) and Product Data Exchange. SEEBURGER MFT solution for Engineering (CAD/CAx) and Product Data Exchange is the basis for efficient, transparent and sustainable infrastructure for all data transfers with external partners. The MFT solution is based on the SEEBURGER Business Integration Suite.

In the automotive industry, today a whole range of engineering services are provided by external suppliers and engineering service. The global product development with multiple partners and vendors, who work on the same product at the same time, require automated and secure processes in the engineering data exchange. SEEBURGER meets these requirements with a complete solution for Engineering (CAD/CAx) and Product Data Exchange.

100% Engineering Partner Connectivity with Complete Solution for Engineering (CAD/CAx) and Product Data Exchange

Components of the Complete Solution for Engineering (CAD/CAx) and Product Data Exchange

The solution for the automated exchange of Engineering (CAD/CAx) and Product Data with all OEMs and partners consists of the following components: 

The BIS:EPX solution is a flexible, state-of-the-art client/server solution from SEEBURGER for exchanging engineering and product data with business partners quickly and conveniently. This user-friendly Intranet application supports all current standards such as VDA 4951 ENGDAT / ENGPART and OFTP/OFTP2 and gives engineers access to all the necessary construction or partner data in a browser-based form. The data can be sent directly from the workstation simply and quickly with just a few clicks of the mouse.

SEEBURGER BIS FileExchange is a self-service Web portal option that empowers business users to independently exchange and track large files. The use of the web portal for cad data exchange provides a 100% Connectivity  with all your partners without any ENGDAT-/OFTP-/OFTP2-System. The portal can also be used company-wide (internal / external) to exchange any kind of data.

Exchanging Engineering (CAD/CAx) and Product Data directly from SAP PLM with partners
SEEBURGER engineering MFT for SAP PLM is a solution for secure, controlled engineering data exchange to and from SAP PLM. It is an integrated solution for the exchange of large and sensitive Engineering (CAD/CAx) and Product Data Exchange with full security, traceability, governance and regulatory compliance.

BIS Link is a lightweight endpoint MFT client option for remote sites and users, ensuring guaranteed delivery of files even for those locations with unpredictable network connections or limited data exchange experience. 

Do you want just send a 2 GB CAD assembly simply by e-mail to business partners, then SEEBURGER BIS Link MS Outlook integration is the best solution for you. You can send the engineering data directly from your Outlook.

BIS FileExchange Mobile app (iPhone) is an easy to use smartphone app for secure data exchange via BIS File Exchange. With BIS FileExchange Mobile app, you use your smartphones or tablets to exchange also engineering files and you can make sure in an easy way that the right person gets the right Engineering (CAD/CAx) and Product Data Exchange at the right time, every time – and prove it to yourself, your business partners, and the auditors.

SEEBURGER products support the new ODETTE OFTP2 protocol with modern solutions for the efficient and secure exchange of engineering data.

The sheer versatility of CAD solutions can at result in highly complex product structures – hence the need for clear, detailed data management. In the automotive industry, there are also additional data transfer standards to be taken into account, including ENGDAT for the accompanying message, GZIP for compression and OFTP2 as the transfer protocol.

Although most PLM/PDM systems provide data exchange components, these solutions do not support VDA ENGDAT and ENGPART, something which is required by the automotive industry. Yet in terms of collaboration with partners, exchanging data using ODETTE File Transfer Protocol (OFTP2) with Engineering Data Message/Engineering Partner Data (ENGDAT/ENGPART is an important component of PDM systems. PDM-Integration for Engineering (CAD/CAx) and Product Data Exchange from SEEBURGER bridges this gap.

SEEBURGER’s OFTP/OFTP2-Routing Service is ideal for companies who don’t want to invest in an OFTP2-compatible system.

Complete solution for Engineering (CAD/CAx) and Product Data Exchange or single components (for e.g. BIS:EPX, SEE FX etc.) can optionally operated in SEEBURGER Data Center as a managed service.

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