SEEBURGER International E-Invoicing Series

SEEBURGER will share trade facilitation experience

14. - 15. January 2019
Amman, Jordan

SEEBURGER will share trade facilitation experience

14. - 15. January 2019, Amman, Jordan

SEEBURGER to enable digital services for trade facilitation and information related to movements of goods, which will help strengthening ARAB economic integration for sustainable development.

UNDP, United Nations Development Programme ( ) in close collaboration with Economic Sector of the League of Arab States, UNCTAD - United Nations Conference on Trade and Development ( ), World Customs Organization and sister UN organizations, and the Government of Jordan has organized the forum and Regional Seminar in Amman January 14-15 2019 on “Digitalization in facilitating and enabling trade and transports”.

Main objectives include:

  • Fostering trade to work for a deepened Arab economic integration and better competitiveness.
  • Being the regional platform of exchange of best practices in the accelerated digitalization for Sustainable Development, particularly in facilitation trade and transport.
  • Serving as the platform of information exchange among Arab countries on how to further facilitate transport and trade to support economic diversification in pursuing a deepened Arab economic integration towards the Pan Arab market.
  • Being a platform of exchange, including share digitalization experiences for global value chains in the public and private sector.
  • Facilitating dissemination of new technology and techniques for a better connectivity and inclusivity.
  • Perspectives of the Arab instruments for promotion of e-Commerce and e-Government.
  • Digitalization and Internet of Things (IoT), and how to utilize this between trade and logistics operators, and for fostering trade and further usage for the Global Value Chain (GVC).

In this seminar Ulf Persson, SVP Global Business Development SEEBURGER, will share experiences and concrete solutions to facilitate movements of goods and how to leverage various types of technologies, such as Digital Services through APIs, track and trace using IoT technologies, Blockchain, and more. Participants will learn how these technologies can result in better and secure connectivity within trade facilitation independent of various types of trading partners and stakeholders.

SEEBURGER will share trade facilitation experience

Amman, Jordan

14. - 15. January 2019  |  Congress

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