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New Legal Requirements for E-Invoicing
in Italy as of January 2022

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22 September 2021 | 14:00 - 15:00 CEST

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Italy introduces new rules affecting the creation and archiving of electronic documents, most notably e-invoices, from 01 January 2022. In addition, Italy will legally require to use the FatturaPA XML schema for cross-border invoices to and to register these at the SdI exchange system.

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  1. Archiving:
    New Italian rules affecting the creation and storage of electronic documents, including e-invoices, will be enforced as of 01 January 2022. Originally these new rules were planned to come into force on 07 June 2021. These new rules include a number of changes. A new set of mandatory structured metadata (an XML file with its own schema) is being introduced, which impacts both – the data necessary for the creation of e-invoices, as well, as the metadata that must be stored along with the e-invoices. The new mandatory metadata file stems from a general requirement applicable to any Italian electronic document.
  2. Cross-border invoices:
    So far, it’s only been necessary for domestic invoices to go through Italy’s SdI platform, while cross-border sales and purchase invoices have had to be reported to Esterometro on a quarterly basis. This will change at the beginning of 2022. These new rules for cross-border transactions include a number of changes. The latest version of the FatturaPA invoice schema has added additional document types for the new reporting requirements of non-domestic, cross-border invoices.

In our webcast we will present you how SEEBURGER can support you in fulfilling the new archiving rules and in exchanging FatturaPA invoices for cross-border transactions with the SdI system.

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New Legal Requirements for E-Invoicing in Italy as of January 2022

22 September 2021  |  14:00 - 15:00 CEST  |  Live Webcast

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