Cloud as a Competitive Advantage: Get All the Facts Straight

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Cloud as a Competitive Advantage: Get All the Facts Straight

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Cloud service users don’t need to worry about security compliance, business continuity, profitability, time-to-market and sustainability requirements, because many components of a typical cloud service already meet these requirements or have the necessary prerequisites.

In an in-depth webcast series, you’ll learn how SEEBURGER Cloud Services can help you get a grip on these five aspects and use cloud as a competitive advantage.

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September 21, 2023Security: IT Security as Key Component for Secure Business Operations in the Cloud
Companies increasingly need to protect their sensitive data from internal and external threats such as cyber-attacks or ransomware. Learn about our approach to cloud security, since it is a fundamental requirement that cloud providers secure their services in accordance with applicable regulations.
» Dave Suffecool, Director, Solutions Architects
October 05, 2023Business Continuity in the Cloud: Continuous Operation and Maximum Resilience
Growing dependence on technology increases the need for stable, secure and reliable IT solutions. The SEEBURGER BIS Platform can be deployed as a cloud service that helps companies optimize business processes, increase security and strengthen the resilience of the underlying infrastructure.
» Stuart Prouse, Business Development Director, SEEBURGER
October 19, 2023Time-To-Market: Respond Faster to the Market and Leverage Innovation With Cloud Services
To remain competitive, you must guarantee immediate availability and be able to rely on maximum scalability in both directions. With our integration platform, fast connection to other cloud and legacy systems and a best-of-breed approach, you can react flexibly and quickly to changing market demands.
» Stuart Prouse, Business Development Director, SEEBURGER
November 02, 2023Profitability: Reduce Your IT Operating Costs While Maximizing the Benefits for Your Business
How much can costs be reduced without compromising benefits or security? Do not invest in running your own data centers, as the real value lies in integration, not in operating the integration platform. With cloud services, you can outsource this costly task to an expert.
» Dave Suffecool, Director, Solutions Architects, SEEBURGER
November 16, 2023Sustainability: Sustainability in IT Operations Thought Through to Its Logical End
Cloud services can contribute to sustainability in many ways. Think of energy efficiency, resource consumption that can be scaled as required, reduced hardware consumption, to name a few. Companies should carefully consider how they use cloud technologies to support their sustainability goals.

Cloud as a Competitive Advantage: Get All the Facts Straight

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