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Industry specific B2B/EDI Solutions

SEEBURGER solutions based on the Business Integration Suite provide a central platform enabling you to effectively manage customer and supplier relations. Additionally, you can automate your industry-specific processes with your business partners, for greater efficiency and transparency. 

Our solutions ensure complete B2B/EDI and managed file transfer (MFT) integration, meeting the specific process requirements of various industries, including:

SEEBURGER standardizes the way in which you are connected electronically to new partners, and provides industry-specific solutions. The use of standardized, tried and tested IT solutions improves quality and significantly reduces the time and money spent on operational and administrative processes. Also, with our industry-specific solutions, you won’t need to engage in development projects.

All the components needed to connect with your partners can be sourced from the SEEBURGER Business Partner Library and implemented quickly. All you have to do is download the new partner’s profile from online library. The profile includes mapping software and processes, and the auto-configurator will import it automatically.

All the industry-specific process and configuration data, such as master data, data mapping and processing rules will be automatically installed. SEEBURGER has developed industry-specific solutions to meet the differing requirements of a wide range of industries, taking into account all the relevant processes, standards and specific needs.

The entire process is represented visually, in technical format for the EDI administrator and in functional format for end-users, so companies can monitor IT performance in both technical and business terms. This out-of-the-box solution does not need any configuration. Any changes are logged, and can then be implemented into the production environment with the click of a mouse.

SEEBURGER’s IT standardization, from the connection of new partners to processes and ERP integration, has resulted in a robust, extensible B2B software solution that draws on our 25 years of expertise and our leading position in the market. And that means a lower TCO.

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