API Lifecycle Management: Accelerate Digital Transformation

APIs enable the interaction between any system, applications, devices or apps in real-time. Accelerate your digital transformation with an API Management solution that enables you to manage APIs throughout their lifecycle.

Integrate Applications and Cloud Services in Real-Time


Cloud services, e-Commerce, Mobile applications: Digital technologies offer you enormous opportunities for new ways to generate value, and improve networking with partners, clients and target audiences. To be a successful digital business, real-time information is the key. With a broad range of API technologies and preconfigured building blocks, the SEEBURGER API Lifecycle Management Solution supports your company’s real-time integration scenarios.

Our solution empowers the interconnection between any internal or external system, applications, devices or apps – your key to digital success.


An Introduction to API Integration and API Management

Real-time integration means transparency – and transparency requires control. With the SEEBURGER API solution, the IT department stays in control of its own and third party interfaces, users, permissions and file access at all times. The API Gateway ensures secure connection and integration in real time; API management provides administration, control and fast rollouts.

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Functional Overview of the SEEBURGER BIS API Integration and API Management Solution

The SEEBURGER BIS API Gateway accepts API calls, checks the caller’s access permission and redirects the requests to the internal services or translates them to internal interface calls. This way, the BIS API Gateway protects your data assets and applications from unauthorized accesses and decouples internal interfaces from the published API.

The SEEBURGER BIS API Manager is a web-based application for managing APIs, with tailored, role-based features for API providers and users. It minimizes your effort for administration and communication. The BIS API Manager supports API providers to deploy and maintain APIs. From the web portal, API users get all required information around the clock, enabling them to work anytime, anywhere.

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Seamless Integration with API Management

The digital shift is much more than just another trend

Already today, innovative enterprises earn billions with digital, data-based business models. All others have to catch up fast – when you lose out, you will fall behind the competition or have your business disrupted completely. Since 2000, 52% of companies in the Fortune 500 have either gone bankrupt, been acquired or ceased to exist.

Cloud services, e-Commerce, mobile applications, real-time information

Digital technologies offer you enormous opportunities for new ways to generate value, and improve networking with partners, clients and target audiences. To be a successful digital business, look out for continuous integration of all involved areas, sharing data, providing services and performing transactions.

In this context, digital shift most importantly means integration over APIs – of people, processes, legacy and new systems and applications, devices, machines, data, and services, both in your company and across companies.

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Modernize and Digitalize your Legacy Platform with SEEBURGER

Today’s enterprises and organizations face a widening divergence between the IT infrastructure demanded by emerging business needs and the infrastructure they’ve built up over generations. The smart enterprise meets these challenges by replacing MFT.

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Power up and digitalize your B2B/MFT/EAI/API Integration Architecture

Operators in the energy and utilities sector face a “perfect storm” of challenges. Heightened regulation, increased competition from new entrants and the requirement to provide increased customer value in a rapidly changing industry, all mean that utilities providers must become smarter in how they operate. In an industry as fast-moving and demanding as utilities, businesses need to be able to respond with lightning speed to changes in markets, compliance requirements and customer demand. For many utility companies, the ability to act quickly is directly dependent on the agility that their IT department can provide in terms of integration and digitalization.

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Internet of Things needs Integration. Connect the Shop Floor with all pertinent systems

Digital transformation provides many opportunities to be more innovative than the competition. Industry 4.0 and the (Industrial) Internet of Things – called IIoT – offer companies enormous potential for more productivity and greater process reliability. IIoT requires integration of many new as well as legacy systems. See how a hybrid integration platform can help using APIs.

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Digital Value Chains need to be connected and integrated

Innovative companies in the manufacturing industry are already benefiting from digital, data-based business models, higher productivity, efficiency and transparency. IoT and Industry 4.0 connect the physical world of ‘things’ with the digital world of IT. All you need is one platform using APIs to integrate value chains digitally and to interconnect all areas of your business comprehensively.

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See real world case studies how our customers modernize their integration and communication platform, combine hybrid integration needs including API Integration and API Management on one platform and digitalize value chains.

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