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... to become digitally ready. Our mission is to make it radically simple to connect your critical business systems to get the information you need to the people and places it needs to be – securely, reliably and visibly.

Leading the Digital Shift with SEEBURGER

Information Overview

Digital Change forces companies to constantly design and implement new digital business models. Seamless integration and collaboration of all stakeholders, processes, and data are keys to a healthy digital ecosystem.

In today’s landscape companies driven by digital innovation are changing markets rapidly. For others it’s crunch time and they have to catch up fast – or be left behind!


Connect and integrate your digital transformation initiatives

  • API/EAI connects applications and Cloud-Services in real-time
  • IoT/Industry 4.0 embeds machinery, plants and products into business processes
  • MFT – Managed File Transfer provides secure transmission of sensitive data between systems and/or people
  • B2B/EDI Integration ensures the exchange of business documents in accordance with industry standards
  • E-Invoicing digitalizes inbound and outbound invoices
  • ERP adapters connect any ERP system seamlessly
  • Benefit from deep SAP integration

Use one central platform for Digital Transformation to stay in control.

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We solve your toughest integration challenges

SEEBURGER is a global integration company with more than 30 years’ experience. We are born and raised in EDI and over the years added functionality. Today we have a single, agile and scalable integration platform – single code-base – all from one hand. We are supporting more than 10,000 customers for all types of integration scenarios.

When it comes to integration we have seen it all, big and small, old and new, on premise and cloud so if you wonder if we are capable to solve large scale and highly complex integration challenges – our clear answer is YES and YES.

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Seamless API Integration and Management with SEEBURGER Business Integration Suite – digitalization means networking and integration

The digital shift is much more than just another trend:

Already today, innovative enterprises earn billions with digital, data-based business models. All others have to catch up fast – when you lose out, you will fall behind the competition or have your business disrupted completely. Since 2000, 52% of companies in the Fortune 500 have either gone bankrupt, been acquired or ceased to exist.

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