The All-In-One Solution for E-Invoicing Formats Worldwide

Companies handling their invoice processes electronically in an automated way are able to save a lot of the costs and are much more compliant – compared to paper-based processes.

E-Invoicing enables cost savings and compliance worldwide

Information Overview

E-Invoicing with SEEBURGER allows you to support the complexity and variety of inbound and outbound digital invoices. Benefits from highly automated e-invoicing processes are reduced processing times and costs along with increased quality and transparency. It is a significant step toward ensuring internal and external compliance with business rules and legal requirements.

E-invoicing also improves the business relationship with both your suppliers and your customers: no lost invoices, better utilization of discounts and optimized cash management.


An Introduction to Global E-Invoicing

If you do business in Europe or beyond, you must comply with ever-expanding E-Invoicing regulations. If you fail to comply, it can be incredibly costly – the fines assessed can be substantial, and in many countries, you could be criminally liable. Experts on E-Invoicing say that fines for noncompliance could reach 50% of the invoice amount!

The reason these regulations exist is very simple: Many governments are looking for new ways to enforce their tax laws. They’ve determined that the best way to do this is to require companies that do business inside their borders to report invoicing activity electronically. This mandate can take two forms: companies must either report activity as it occurs, or archive electronic copies for possible future audit. These E-Invoicing requirements allow countries to have an indirect, but more efficient and effective, method of enforcing their tax laws.

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Functional Overview of the SEEBURGER BIS E-Invoicing Solution

The coordination of company-wide data streams requires security, control and transparency. SEEBURGER’s E-Invoicing solution comprehensively ensures this via two core building blocks: The E-Invoicing Gateway ensures the secure transfer of data and the E-Invoicing Management ensures efficient administration and control.

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Global E-Invoicing Regulations

Clearance processes are increasing whilst post audit processes are decreasing worldwide. Learn how SEEBURGER’s Global E-Invoicing Solution manages the exchange of invoice data between companies and public administrations.

E-Invoicing Regulation in Various Countries


E-Invoicing Pays Off From Day One – Start Now!

Because SEEBURGER E-Invoicing is Cloud-based or can be run on premise, you are flexible to bite off only what you need, helping you to minimize your total cost of ownership. We will keep our solution current as government guidelines or industry standards change, so that you will never have to worry about being in compliance.

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