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Are you a new supplier for Amazon and need to become EDI capable? Do you need help to exchange EDI messages with Amazon? SEEBURGER connects you in a quick, easy and compliant way to the Amazon EDI system. Over 10,000 customers trust us with their business integration needs.

About Amazon

Amazon is one of the largest American online retailer operating within Asia (i.e. China, India, Japan and other countries), Europe (i.e. France, U.K., Germany and other countries), North America, Brazil and Australia.

Common Amazon EDI Messages

SEEBURGER Connects you to the Amazon EDI System

SEEBURGER is the clear market leader for EDI in Germany. To connect to the Amazon EDI system you can choose between an on-premises EDI software and EDI cloud service. We recommend that medium-sized companies get started quickly and cost-effectively with our EDI cloud services.

SEEBURGER B2B/EDI Cloud Services

Get an overview and read our whitepaper with all the relevant information.

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Amazon EDI Integration from the SEEBURGER Experts

  • 10,000 customers from all industries trust our solutions
  • Over 35 years of experience - EDI specialist since 1986
  • Future-proof EDI software
  • Secure, cost-effective EDI services in certified German data centers
  • 17 national subsidiaries, partners in over 50 countries, over 1,000 employees
  • Consulting, products, cloud, realization – all from one source

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